The Sex Doll star was blonde

Is it a tribute or a coincidence? Is it a dream or reality? Is it a fantasy or a bewitchment? All these questions have been torturing my mind ever since I saw that new HR Doll sexdoll. It’s a HR Doll 5ft4 165cm E cup with face #35.

You know it’s not common for a sexdoll to look like a famous person, and again, I’m probably wrong. But I still have a doubt.

Any similarities to a celebrity is unintentional

She is beautiful. She’s blonde. She’s got beautiful blue eyes, a pretty thin, straight nose. She has a perfectly shaped mouth, with full lips and provoking red lipstick. This face #35 of HR Doll is a success, no doubt about it.

HR Doll 5ft4 165cm E cup

This 5ft4 or 165cm sexdoll does not have big breasts, but she has a crazy cleavage. Her midriff is just gorgeous. My eyes are still rolling. This little pair of boobs with high nipples have this nice shape of small redone tits, slightly swollen. I love those. You’d like to give her long necklaces so that they extend into her cleavage?

She’s got a well defined tummy and small hips. She is big enough for a sexdoll and has a nice length of legs, which gives this sexdoll a lot of elegance.

HR Doll 5ft4 165cm E cup

It should also be noted that for this size, this sexdoll is not very heavy with its 38kgs or 83.78lbs. It is a real success.

HR Doll 5ft4 165cm E cup Specs

  • Height: 165cm – 5ft4
  • Bust: 80cm – 31.5in
  • Waist:56cm – 22.05 in
  • Hips: 89cm – 35.04 in
  • E cup
  • Weight: 38kgs – 83.78lbs

A series of luminous photos

She carries the sun inside her. She’s bright. This sexdoll wears a sunflower yellow top with little jean shorts and little heels braided in front. She breathes summer and heat. She wears a little straw hat that gives her this bohemian look. It suits her very well.

So now what do you think? Am I wrong? Or am I right?

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