An outing with sex doll

I was very happy. The sex doll I bought on racyme arrived. When I opened the package, I was still overwhelmed. With sexy blond hair, plump breasts and elegant face, I felt like an energetic fitness girl. She is 165cm tall. She is so beautiful. Her name is Vicky.

At the weekend, I put on the stewardess’s clothes for her and took her to camp. We went to the countryside and set up a tent. I held Vicky to the tent. How beautiful it was. She wore the stewardess’s clothes and watched me barbecue at the edge of the tent. I ate the barbecue while watching my Vicky. She looked at me affectionately and silently. Later in the night, Vicky and I lay on the grass and looked at the stars in the sky. When I held her hand, I can’t believe that she is a sex doll. Her skin is tight and her eyes look at me. I have the illusion that Vicky is not a sex doll, but a living person. I hold Vicky’s shoulder and look at the stars in the sky. I can’t resist the impulse of my heart. I hold Vicky into the tent and she silently cooperates with me. It’s wonderful.

What a happy weekend! I’m very happy that racyme has brought me such a satisfied sex doll.

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