A bigger and more beautiful Sexdoll

That’s a hell of a YL Doll we got there… maybe the best? Anyway, it’s in the top 5 of the brand.

She’s a bit heavy with her 43.8kg or 96.5 lbs, and that’s why she’s losing points to become the best. Because for the rest, she is the best in my opinion.

A life-size sexdoll

It measures 5ft7 or 171cm, which puts it in the tallest sexdolls. I’m only a few inches/centimeters taller. With high heels, which I would definitely put on her, because I don’t like bare feet, she will be taller than me standing up… Yes, because when she is lying down, and I think it will happen more often, you can easily imagine why… she will be the same height as me.

YL Doll 5ft7 171cm

And you know for those who have sexdolls of 8 inches (about 20cm) less, there is like a gap when you take her in the missionary position. During penetration, you have to bend if you want to kiss the sexdoll. With this tall sexdoll, it is much more comfortable.

For the clothes too, it’s much simpler. You just have to order what you want on the web, and you don’t even need to cut, sew or redo, it fits her directly. Plus, you can order the sexiest outfits for women and she will make it look good.

On the other hand, always pay attention to fading, metal accessories, etc… I remind you that you should always wash the clothes once or twice before you put them on your sexdoll.

Good big tits, but not that …

In addition, this YL Doll sexdoll gives us a nice pair of tits. They are big (M Cup). They are beautiful with this well rounded shape. They are supple and you will be able to swing them well or use them to give you a little more pleasure.

The nipples on this model are super nice. I prefer them when they are smaller. I find it more exciting, and it makes you want to lick them even more.

The details of this body are once again well done, which is a bit of a trademark of YL Dolls: the belly with the slightly apparent abs, and the just drawn hips extended by very elegant long legs.

YL Doll 5ft7 171cm

On the other hand, I think YL Doll could have insisted a little bit on her ass. I’m not a fan of her butt. She doesn’t have a flat butt, but she would have deserved a slightly more rounded butt.

An African-American face

She is presented in this series of photos with the face #310, a very typical african-american head. The cheekbones are very protruding, and she has a crazy mouth. She must be able to swallow everything. The nose is not very long, but rather wide at the base. It goes very well with that blonde hair with the roots exposed. It gives her an impressively realistic effect once again.

YL Doll 5ft7 171cm – #310 head

I’ll let you enjoy this series of photos, with one last little remark… she keeps her high heels shoes on, even naked…

YL Doll 5ft7 171cm Sex Doll Specifications

  • Height: 171cm – 5ft 7
  • Full Bust: 104cm – 41in
  • Under Bust: 69cm – 27.2 in
  • Waist: 67cm – 26.4 in
  • Hips: 88cm – 34.6 in
  • Weight: 43.8kg – 96.5 lbs.

7 thoughts on “A bigger and more beautiful Sexdoll”

  1. Yourdoll usually has the best face, but this face is hidious. I don’t know what happened to their design.

  2. Just one look at this THING and you know an AFRICAN AMERICAN did NOT design this doll. It looks like some Asian who lives in Africa made this stupid thing.
    Its hideous. Is this their idea of what African Americans look like?? I wouldn’t buy this piece of crap if it was stuffed with diamonds. Its a REJECT!!!!!!
    It looks like Lil Kim after she destroyed her face. Her mouth looks like she’s been chewing on hand grenades. To hell with this thing.

    1. WOW!!! you’re probably right, but it’s a little extreme!
      I think the face of this sexdoll may please others, and we have to please everyone. Now, you have the right not to like… which, from what I understand, is your case ????

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