Purchase Sex Doll Process

I’m not a professional writer. I just write about my experience of buying sex doll.

I am a programmer, and I have a full schedule of work every day. I have no time or experience to fall in love. But every adult knows the most primitive needs of a man, so I decided to buy a sex doll to solve the sexual needs, as well as the coldness of an empty room.

As a programmer, I am very strict in my work. I design every step well.

First of all, I think it is important to understand what the purpose of buying a sex doll is. Then we should weigh the importance of sex and company. If we simply have sex, it is easy to solve the problem. Just make the design of the sexual organs more humane and cleaning more convenient. I think it is OK, so the cost is relatively low. If the focus is on companionship and sex, it will be much more demanding. I think it will be a happy thing to be with sex doll with high appearance and high authenticity.

Secondly, when you understand your purpose, what you need to choose is the material, which can not be separated from TPE material and silicone material. Both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is impossible to judge whether they are good or bad. The vast majority of the market is the body with silicone head and TPE material, because silicone material can shape a perfect face shape, and TPE material can give you a better feel. The combination of the two makes the best combination of cost performance and experience.

Finally, after selecting the material, what we need is to find a reliable dealer. After all, various doll websites in the market are dazzling, including some dealers who sell dolls by batch drawing. I don’t think we would like to see a beautiful sex doll that we don’t want to touch when we mail it home.

I also selected many merchants, returned and exchanged goods, Until I bought a sex doll called Sherry on www.racyme.com, I was really satisfied. Later, I learned that Racyme is a manufacturer that only sells its own products and products that have been strictly screened. How can you say that such a website can not buy desirable products? I still remember that when I bought it, they took photos of the factory for me, which were not approved. When I received it, it was exactly the same as what I saw. It was really a happy purchase

I hope more and more sex doll fans can choose their favorite products.

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