Julia, Pretty Blonde Sex Doll

Hello Boys… How are you?…. I think she’s talking to you!
What? Don’t you know her? Well, let me introduce her to you!

Julia, 22 years old, blonde, nice butt…

This is Julia, a pretty blonde, well almost, with hazel eyes and a pretty mouth. Julia is a spirited, motivated and committed young woman. She knows what she wants and especially what she doesn’t want.

Julia is not a bimbo. This Sex Doll is natural, beautiful and simple. She loves nature, traditions and sex. She likes to have fun. She has a very nice body with a pair of medium sized breasts (D Cup), nice hips and a nice butt… And that’s really her strong point: Julia has a great ass.

According to the measurements of this Sex Doll 5ft2 159cm D cup from Irontech Doll, you would think that this ass is huge with its 100 cm or 39.37 inches hips. Especially since she has a waist circumference that is really small with her 65cm – 25.59 inches. Well the drawing is very well done because you can’t see it, you can enjoy it… You’re enjoying this butt.

IrontechDoll 5ft2 159cm D cup Specs

  • Height: 159cm – 5ft2
  • Upper Breasts: 87cm – 34.25 in
  • Under breasts: 67.5cm – 26.57in
  • D cup
  • Waist: 65cm – 25.59in
  • Hips: 100cm – 39.37in
  • Weight: 38kgs / 83.78lbs

Realism for this Sex Doll.

Irontech Doll 5ft2 159cm D Cup
Irontech Doll 5ft2 159cm D Cup

Julia’s tits are not very big, as I said, but they are really nice. The work of Irontech Doll is really great at this level. The tits on their sexdoll are slightly bulging with a work on the nipples and areolas, which makes it very realistic. Let me know what you think.

I offer you this first series of pictures of the Irontech Doll 5ft2 159cm D cup, but I have some more that you will see soon… Be patient !… I find this series very well done and the combination between this body and Julia’s face is, in my opinion, the best.

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