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Who invented the sex doll?

Who was the first to invent a sex doll? Why invent a sex doll? I am as confused as everyone else, so let’s explore together!

During the Second World War, the German army made huge gains on various battlefields. The German soldiers who had been depressed for a long time began to vent their needs, and caused a large number of German soldiers to contract STDs. In order to prevent German soldiers and women of “Fialian blood” in the occupied area from continuing to have fun, prevent venereal diseases (especially syphilis) from raging in the Nazi barracks, and reduce the combat effectiveness of the soldiers, Hitler ordered the commander of the SS Himmler, Secretly developed a “doll” with a physiological structure similar to that of women, which was also code-named the “Borghild” project-that is, the inflatable doll of the sex toy.

At that time, Hitler put forward specific requirements for this inflatable doll: she must have all the sexy appearances of a young girl-fair skin, golden hair, blue eyes, 1.76 meters tall, plump lips and plump chest. But the doll that was finally designed did not have a specific face, and could only use the soldiers’ imagination to make love. Because it could be inflated and deflated at any time, the dolls were packed in backpacks by the soldiers and brought to various battlefields. After improvements in the United States and Japan, sex dolls have gradually taken shape. Up to now, sex dolls have been very sophisticated, handsome and beautiful, and the experience is very realistic. They are made 1:1 by real people.

The emergence of sex dolls solves people’s most basic desires and desires for sex, so that sex is no longer ashamed. To a certain extent, it prevents the spread of sexual diseases and better protects people’s bodies. Nowadays, sex dolls are used for more and more purposes. They can be used as collectibles, costume models, film and television audiences, etc., so she is no longer a single sex toy. For many people, sex dolls are part of their lives. They eat, sleep, and play together. . . It is much more interesting than being with a real person; she also helped many people get out of the pain of losing their partner, bringing them warmth and comfort; she can also help mediate the relationship between husband and wife and make the family more harmonious! Using sex dolls can also reduce social crimes and better maintain social stability. There are many advantages of sex dolls, so this also shows that her appearance is essential.

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