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In order to spice up life and keep things fresh for their partners, many couples will try alternative sex. But experts say that alternative sex is not suitable for doing it often, and it is ok to add a little mood occasionally. If you do it too often, it will have a bad effect.

1. Fight Sex

Heated arguments often lead to heated movement under the covers. Arguing can lead to increased levels of dopamine and adrenaline in the body, which can lead to excitement in other areas, such as sex, for both you and your partner. Every couple will have conflict from time to time, and post-conflict sex tends to make your relationship better.

2. Vacation Sex

When you go on vacation, you can enjoy your private time to the fullest. In fact, holiday sex can help you and your partner rekindle love and become more sexually intimate. Sex toys will be a good helper, which is perfect for couples to use. If you’re used to scheduling trips, schedule sex. Such as staying in a hotel until the wee hours of the morning or returning to your room after dinner for a pleasant evening together.

3. Beastliness Sex

A touch of aggression, with a sense of urgency, can often have unexpected results. This is one of the mysteries of romance. You don’t know what to expect. If you’re in the mood, try ripping each other’s clothes for a different kind of out-of-step sex.

4. Comfort Sex

Maybe sometimes all he needs is simple, familiar, satisfying sex. It’s also a great way to show love and support if he’s having a hard time these days. Choose a position that you and your partner enjoy.

5. Runaway Sex

If you’re at a boring party or family gathering, this is a way to make the evening different. Sneaking out and finding an empty bedroom, the possibility of getting caught makes your sex life more exciting and a different kind of fun. It can also give you a reason to look forward to family gatherings.

6. Satisfy fantasy sex

Everyone has sexual fantasies, and as long as you’re both comfortable, there’s no reason not to make them a reality. Whenever possible, we should try to satisfy each other’s sexual fantasies. For example, if your partner always dreams of sex on a boat, why not rent a boat and enjoy a romantic night out at sea?

7. Fast sex

If you’re pressed for time, you can have quick sex. But make sure the other person is willing to do the same, otherwise, it will cause resentment. When she says yes to sex, maybe she really means no. So really understand your partner’s perspective and don’t cast a shadow over your long-term sex life.

8. Romantic sex

Take the time and effort to prepare for a romantic evening. Candles, music or some champagne can bring you and your partner on the same page emotionally and slowly enjoy every minute you have together.

9. Change Place

Changing the location of sex will add spontaneity to your relationship, which will make your partner crave sex more. People often have sex at the same time and in the same place, which can make your sex life boring. If you’re in the laundry room together, try it here. It’s a fresh way to enjoy laundry without the need for detergent.

10. Outdoor sex

You often tell your child to play outside, but you can also have sex outside. If you happen to be camping in a tent, this is a great opportunity. But make sure you’re in a private place and not out in the open.

11. Change Posture

Trying new positions will give your partner extra pleasure, and you’ll know which positions will help her reach orgasm. Changing positions often can keep your sex life fresh and you’ll be more likely to enjoy it more often.

12. Marathon sex

When it comes to rain, snow, and hail, there’s no reason to say no to sex. Think of it as a bedroom tryst. You work together towards a common goal. Like breaking the number of times you have sex each night. When your sexual power is finally unleashed, you may be exhausted but satisfied.

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