The mechanic’s got huge boobs

This new YL Doll 5ft2 166cm N cup is a real star, and this is confirmed day by day. It is beautiful. It is so provocative that it has only advantages. And when you saw the Movie Pilot post, you all cracked!

So as I adore you and you’re on top with me, I offer you today a new video of this super sexdoll.

You loved it… You should! She’s so good. This is the YL Doll 5ft2 166cm N cup with #356 head, named “Regina”.

Great big tits

She’s got huge tits with great shape. I know that some of you like small breasts, like my friend Doll Crazy and his two beautiful sexdolls from Sanhui and Gynoid, but many of you also like, like me, pretty balloons.

And what you like even more is when they are set off in a pretty box, like a swimsuit bra, held in place by a simple little string. For sex dolls with huge tits, a swimsuit bra is also a very good option to cover the nipples slightly. And if you open the bra during the act, it will tend to press the breasts together.

YL Doll 5ft2 166cm N cup

A super slim waist

And I often remember it (like I must be old) the famous WM Dolls 155cm with its super thin waist. But now it’s really outdated. This new sexdoll from YL Doll has taken over and offers us some awesome curves, with well-drawn hips.

YL Doll 5ft2 166cm N cup

She has a small butt and beautiful little buttocks that are well rounded and slightly flat on the underside.

High heel platform shoes

If you want to make me crack and drive me crazy, show me your sex dolls with high-heeled shoes, especially very high heels. I find it very exciting, and I hate bare feet… so that’s good timing!
In this series of photos of the new YL Doll 5ft2 166cm N cup, she is wearing beautiful patent leather shoes with heels of at least 6 inches or about 15cm.

YL Doll 5ft2 166cm N cup

YL Doll 5ft2 166cm N cup

  • Height: 166cm – 65.35in
  • Upper Bust: 88cm – 34.64in
  • Under Bust: 52cm – 20.47in
  • Waist: 49cm – 19.3in
  • Hip: 87cm – 34.25in
  • Weight (incl. head): 33.8kg / 74.5lbs

6 thoughts on “The mechanic’s got huge boobs”

  1. Especially looking at that image series, the rating for being “Sexy” should definitely result in a 5-Star ????

      1. Already ordered one or solely keep enjoying photos of her? Lately I saw factory images of that model… equipped with the newly introduced gel implant breasts option… OH SWEET LORD…

      1. Well, the one lately released (with the yellow outfit) or your very own, hot killer girl? ????

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