Lesbian Action, a Doll Crazy movie…

Careful, I don’t think you’re ready to see what Doll Crazy is offering us again. Already the first post was a great moment of pleasure for many of you, and now we’re taking it up a notch!

A big thank you to Doll Crazy

Doll Crazy is a big fan of sexdolls and a senior member of the TDF forum. He owns a Sanhui 158cm with face #8 and a Gynoid Yui Shinohara 160cm that you may have seen not long ago in “The Gynoid of Doll Crazy“.

And in times of lockdown, you have to find something to do. So why don’t you please these two beautiful dolls and let them have a good time together. But don’t forget the camera and the camera… and Yes, Doll Crazy offers us a movie today !!!!!!

You enjoyed it. Of course, I was sure. Below you will find all the pictures taken with the backstage film. I take this opportunity to present you a little more of Doll Crazy’s Sanhui.

Doll Crazy’s Premium Sexdolls

I don’t have the opportunity to show you the Sanhui, because I can’t get in touch with them to distribute the pictures. Yet I have relaunched them several times and I offer free diffusion, but it seems that it is reserved. It’s a real pity because I know that many of you are asking for them…

This Sanhui is a high quality silicone sexdoll. Doll Crazy only takes premium sexdolls and we have already seen it with his Gynoid. He’s right. They are both sublime.

His Sanhui measures 158cm and weighs only 31Kg or 68.34lbs. They both have similar measurements, with small breasts, a rather thin waist and a nice little ass.

Doll Crazy sexdolls

The Sanhui 5ft2 158cm is a very classy sex doll. They always propose innovations, as with this face #8, which allows mechanically to open the mouth on several positions.

Silicone Platinum

The silicone used by Sanhui makes it possible to have a real feeling of human skin. But above all it has no smell, has a better durability over time and an ability to return to its original shape despite the mistreatment it may be subjected to. Silicone Platinum is a derivative of silicone, which is still a little more expensive, but which still increases its durability, the feeling of human skin, and improves the hold of makeup.

But enough techniques! Let’s get down to business…

Doll Crazy loves high heels and short sexy outfits with stockings and micro skirts… time is of the essence so treat yourself and if you want to know more, contact Doll Crazy on TDF and follow him on Twitter.

The specification sheet of this Sanhui 5ft2 158cm

  • Sanhui 5ft2 158cm with face#8
  • Material: High-quality Platinum Silicone imported from Japan
  • Height: 158cm (5′ 2.2”)
  • Bust: 81cm (2′ 7.9”)
  • Under Bust: 59cm (1′ 11.2”)
  • Waist: 54cm (1′ 9.26”)
  • Hip: 82cm (2′ 8.3”)
  • Weight: 31Kg (68.34lb)

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