One star and two innovations by WM Dolls

WM Dolls is one of the undisputed leaders in the world of VSE sexdolls. They manufacture the most beautiful Chinese sexdolls with great care and attention, always listening to their consumers.

Today, they offer us two innovations, which will revolutionize the use and interest of our sexdolls.

The first is a new gel for the tits

This gel allows you to have breasts that are always as firm and much more supple than today’s breasts. You will see in this video that the swing becomes really natural. This will make your kidney movements even more exciting.

The second one allows you to do without lubricant

Yes, it’s over! For those of you who liked flavoured lubricants, you can always add more, but it is no longer necessary. All you need is a little water and everything slips off.

A star to illustrate

I needed a star to accompany these two news and I chose the WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm E Cup with face #233 .
This sexdoll is more and more appreciated and it becomes one of the stars of the brand like the WM Dolls 5ft4 163cm H cup or the WM Dolls 5ft5 166cm C cup.

WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm E Cup

I like very much this sexdoll which is very elegant and very class. She has just passed her 20 years and she will teach you every day with her permanent sex desires. She will exhaust you, I’m sure.

The measurements of this sexdoll are very balanced and she remains very natural. Here no huge tits or big ass, she eats organic food and plays sports. She is healthy and this can be seen on her belly and thighs.

WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm E Cup

With her, you won’t be able to stay slumped on your couch, you’ll have to move around.
There she had planned to do some laps in the pool, but she probably changed her mind since she put her stockings on… Go figure out what turned her on in the bathroom…

WM Dolls 5ft3 162cm E Cup Specs

  • Height: 162cm – 5ft3
  • Bust: 81cm – 31.89 in
  • Hips: 57cm – 22.44 in
  • Waist: 91cm – 35.83 in
  • Weight: 35kgs – 77.16lbs

10 thoughts on “One star and two innovations by WM Dolls”

  1. New tits are awesome, but no lub…. wow. I spend 15 bucks each month in that… ooooooouuuh thank you engineers !!!

    By the way, this doll has a very nice well done body, yummi yummi.

  2. I hope there are going to be Ass-Gel as well. But i wonder if there are Size limitations for that Gel. Other Manufacturers who do gel-Implants have Size Limitations for those. But knowing WM-Doll they will propably find a Way to go byond… Im eger to see whats coming next He He ????

  3. Do you have any info about that the no-lube option are available for both fixed and replaceable vagina?

      1. I hope so ????
        Btw, when this option will be available? I saw the gel option in some shops, but I did’t find the no-lube.

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