Sex Doll in Electric Blue

You know this sex doll if you follow the blog, and I thank you for it. It’s a 6YE sex doll. Always very well made with very beautiful, this sex doll is quite big and weighs 38kg or 83.8lbs, which remains in a nice average for this type of body.

A very sexy sex doll

Yes, this sex doll is very sexy. And that’s what makes it one of my favorite sex dolls.
The 5ft3 163cm I Cup is a real bomb. Here, I present her with the face 114, and a short brown haircut. This asian face is quite westernized with a long enough nose and a nice welcoming mouth. You can feel right away that the beautiful one has enough to satisfy you…

6Ye 5ft3 163cm I Cup

A very well-proportioned body

It’s often the proportions that give a sex doll its charm. Sometimes you’ll want particular proportions with a huge chest, a small waist and a big ass. But often, we want to get closer to a “normal” and terribly hot woman. And this is really the case with this model.

6Ye 5ft3 163cm I Cup

The proportions of this model are almost perfect… Well, for me, they are perfect. Her measurements are 95cm – 43.3 inches / 55cm – 21.6 inches / 95cm – 37.4 inches.
The mannequin size that we usually give is 90cm or 35.4 inches / 60cm or 23.6 inches / 90cm or 35.4 inches. But I prefer sex dolls with a more generous chest and ass, and a slimmer waist. This body shape is terribly sexy.

A short but intense session.

For those of you who haven’t already seen this 6YE model, I invite you to see the previous articles which are: “Fucking huge hanging tits” or “Sex doll with big hanging tits“. There you have understood that the natural shape of her breasts attracted my attention beyond their size.

6Ye 5ft3 163cm I Cup

I let you enjoy this new series with its tiny electric blue top and mini shorts. Don’t worry, she won’t keep them too long.

6Ye 5ft3 163cm I Cup Specs

  • Height: 163cm – 5ft4
  • Bust: 95cm – 43.3in
  • Under-bust: 59cm – 23.2in
  • I Cup
  • Waist: 55cm – 21.6in
  • Hips: 95cm – 37.4in
  • Weight: 38kg – 83.8lbs

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