A little sex doll to crunch

I’m not a fan of sexdolls under five feet. I don’t find them practical and sometimes they tend to be unhealthy… There is no ambiguity and I refuse to promote sex toys that could make you think about childhood in any way.

But when YL Doll, a renowned manufacturer of Sex Dolls, decides to make one and promote it, I tell myself that I have to pay attention to it.

This sexdoll, I already presented it to you with Abbey’s face on 3 photo sessions in “3 Photo Sessions with the new YLDOLL sexdoll”. Today, I offer you new ones with several different faces.
I would love to have your comments on this model to know what you think about it… so to your keyboards!

A sex doll of 4ft6 or 141cm

But first, let me describe again this new sex doll of 4 foot and 6 inches or 141cm. The measurements of this sex doll are proportional to her size. It’s not like the little sexdoll of CLM (or Climax) or the dwarf of WM Dolls.

This sex doll is rather a pocket sex doll with its 25.5kg or 56.22lbs. You will be able to take it everywhere and to store it very easily.
When you don’t like torsos, it is true that it makes a very good choice.

Small but unequivocal measurements

She has a chest circumference of 68cm or 26.8 inches, which is really very small. But since the waist under the chest is 46cm or 18.1 inches, we have a gap of 22cm or 8.7 inches. Which gives him an F or G cup… it’s really starting to get interesting. To continue in the description of the body of this YL Doll, we can see that the waist circumference is very small with its 40cm or 15.74 inches. Luckily, the hips are smaller with a nice 78cm or 30.8 inches.

What is sure is that she has a super nice ass!


Kylie #115


  • Weight

  • Face

  • Height

  • Boobs

  • Butt

  • Sexy


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YL Doll 4ft6 141cm Specs

  • Height:141cm – 4ft6
  • Upper Bust:68cm – 26.8in
  • Under Bust:46cm – 18.1in
  • Waist:40cm – 15.74in
  • Hip:78cm – 30.8in
  • Weight: 25.5kg – 56.22lbs

Yukina head (#76)

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