High Heels and White Dress

She’s an immaculate beauty. It’s a sex doll from WM Dolls. It’s a WM Dolls 5ft5 165cm D cup with face #85.
It’s also an angel come from heaven to caress our thoughts…

A desire for sweetness

In our world, it’s often quite hardcore, I must admit. We often talk about big tits, nice sex and good big ass. But today, I was in need of sweetness and tenderness. I needed to feel the caress of a silky feather. I wanted to dream and feel good in that dream.

A sex doll as light as a feather

For the introductions, it’s quite simple since you know this sex doll well. It is an excellent sex doll in terms of measurements, since it has a bust measurement of 78cm or 30.7 inches, a very fine waist size at 53cm or 20.8 inches and a small hip size at 76cm or 29.9 inches. With her measurements, this beautiful sex doll is featherweight and weighs only 29.5kg or 65 lbs. It is really very little for a sex doll who measures 5 feet and a half or 165cm.

A very sexy outfit

This Sex Doll from WM Dolls has a really nice body with a small pair of breasts, a beautifully designed belly as always at this brand, and long legs… This is really what gives all its elegance to this sex doll. That’s really what I like about her.
So when you put very high heel shoes on her… what we also call platform shoes, she becomes very sexy.

But before she undresses for you and reveals herself completely, she will seduce you with her light, transparent outfits. Today, I told you, we’re talking about simplicity and finesse…

And even when she is naked, she evokes to you poems of sensuality

WM Dolls 5ft5 165cm D Cup Specs

  • Height: 165 cm – 5ft 5
  • Full Bust: 78cm  30.7 in
  • Waist: 53cm  20.8 in
  • Hips: 76cm – 29.9 in
  • Weight: 29.5kg  65 lbs.

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