NEW Huge Boobs AF Dolls 5ft5 170cm Sexdoll

WOW WOW! A new sexdoll with very big tits proposed by AF Dolls… It promises!

Well actually it’s not quite new, since I had already presented it to you (Vanja, Huge Boobs From the East), and I understand now why I couldn’t get more information at the time. So now it’s all good, you can order it and treat yourself with this nice sexdoll! And it’s really pretty.

At the first presentation, it caused me a certain amount of excitement. These new pictures have convinced me… She’s going to be a big success!

AF Dolls 5ft5 170cm O cup

Be careful not to confuse this “new” sexdoll of 5ft5 170cm with the previous model: The Huge Boobs Slut Blond Sista
I don’t know if she’s replacing it, I don’t think so.

Huge Boobs

Many of us here like big tits that swing well. I’m completely hooked on my sexdoll (my YL Doll 150cm O cup Olga), even if sometimes I think it’s a bit big,… no I’m kidding!

Well with this AF Dolls, we’re going to be spoiled : 108cm or 42.52 inches of breast size ! That’s just huge. She’s got a crazy cleavage. Compared to Olga, I think this new sexdoll has prettier breasts with a rounder, sexier shape.

They’re big, but they don’t fall on the stomach. In addition, she has a size under the chest that contrasts enormously with her 68cm or 26.77 inches. This makes her breasts even more beautiful. I think that this sexdoll deserves beautiful lingerie and that she will be even more exciting when dressed.

A dream body

And yes, because having big tits is one thing, but having a nice waist at the hips and a nice butt is another! And this sexdoll is a little bit of everything!

AF Dolls 5ft5 170cm O cup

So for the measurements at the waist 58cm or 22.83 inches and 94cm or 37.01 inches for the hips. So she’s really in a model size for the bottom. This is an exceptional model for me.

The details are very well done, as often at AF Dolls. And you’ll be able to rinse your eyes on this new series of pictures, with this face #131, this little short blond haircut and her blue eyes.

I’m looking forward to the new videos.

AF Dolls 5ft5 170cm O Cup

  • Height: 170cm – 5ft5
  • Busts: 108cm – 42.52in
  • Band: 68cm – 26.77in
  • O cup
  • Waist: 58cm – 22.83in
  • Hips: 94cm – 37.01 in
  • Weight: 46kgs – 101.41lbs

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