A Slutty Elf

She’s such a little bitch. She sure is. That’s a good one. She likes sex. She likes to give pleasure. That’s what she’s built for.

Dedicated to sex

She’s an elf dedicated to sex. She doesn’t like tenderness, everything that is honeyed, soft, … She likes when it hits, when it’s hot. She likes to be caught wildly.
So if you want a sweet and attentive sexdoll, go on your way, she is not for you.

AMOR Doll 153cm 5ft D Cup

This sexdoll has a super natural body, and yet so evil. She’s an Elf, so she has pointed ears and big eyes. She has eyes that express her sexuality. When she looks at you, she eats you with her eyes. And by the way, she also has a beautiful mouth, ready to swallow your firm sex.
I’m telling you, that’s all she likes.

Real Body

She’s got a nice pair of tits that aren’t very big, but very realistic. She’s got a nice big ass, which she’ll show you often. She never wears panties, so she’s always ready to get fucked. You can sodomize her, she loves it.

AMOR Doll 153cm 5ft D Cup

But don’t forget her beautiful pussy. She’s so well done, that your first reflex will be to swallow her in your mouth and suck her clitoris. She’ll hold your head between her thighs so that you get her all wet.

Afterwards, you will have to push it deep and for a long time… if you succeed. She can’t get enough. She’ll wear you out.

AMOR Doll 153cm 5ft D Cup Specifications

  • Height: 153cm – 5ft
  • Bust: 77cm – 30.3in
  • Under-bust: 62cm – 24.4in
  • Waist: 60cm – 23.6in
  • Hips: 98cm – 38.6in
  • Weight: 36.5kg – 80.5lbs

6 thoughts on “A Slutty Elf”

  1. there seems to be alot of elf dolls on the market but yet none of them are in the same class as my Danann

    1. it’s been a long time since we’ve had news from Danann… new photos and videos of her adventures?….

  2. If the elves had such sexy warriors in their army, they’d become the Lords of the Ring for sure ????

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