Pretty Good Sexdoll

Yeah, she’s really good. This HR Doll sexdoll has a lot of requests from sexdolls fans and first of all, its size.

This sexdoll measures 5ft3 or 162cm, which makes it a medium size sexdoll. It is well between 5ft or 150cm and 170cm or 5ft6.

And for many of us, this corresponds to a natural size for a companion.

Then, her sexual attributes are well within what we are looking for: a nice pair of tits, a rather slim waist, and a good big ass.

The only point a little embarrassing remains the weight with its 42kg or 92.6 Ibs, which is a little high.

A sexy shape

This sexdoll has all the assets to convince us. And I propose you in this post a video and two photo galleries to show you. The faces proposed on these pictures and the video are #32 and #33. They are not the most beautiful in my opinion. But it remains a personal opinion.

HR Doll 5ft3 162cm N Cup with the #32 Head

This sexdoll is really sexy, and we can’t say otherwise. As soon as she is dressed with a low neckline or a tight dress, her attractive shapes are really exciting.

Her two balloon-shaped tits make a great cleavage. The breasts look a bit fake, but I know that some people really like it. The N-cup is very well chosen.

HR Doll 5ft3 162cm N Cup

  • Height 162cm – 5ft3
  • Bra Size : N Cup
  • Bust : 96 cm – 37.8 in
  • Underbust : 60cm – 23.6 in
  • Waist : 55cm – 21.7in
  • Hips : 98cm – 38.6in
  • Weight : 42kg – 92.6 Ibs

A Nice Butt

This sexdoll of HR Doll also has a very nice butt with a beautiful buttocks that you will be able to caress her. The view from behind is really impressive. She looks a little bit like the American star with their huge booty.

It’s almost a pity that this sexdoll doesn’t jerk a little to warm us up!

5 thoughts on “Pretty Good Sexdoll”

  1. She is nice this doll, a small preference for the face of the blonde with green eyes
    I like hrdoll a lot because they make realistic bodies with generous shapes and faces of women and not of teenage girls

    1. Yeah, I’m not a fan. But it takes all kinds to make a world. Looks like she went into surgery…

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