NEW Head Rosalia With The NEW YL doll 171cm 5ft6 M Cup

I was fortunate to be contacted by Robert who explained to me the genesis of this model created by YL Doll and wanted by himself. In addition to his explanations, you will be able to see the photos of the creation of this sublime new model.

A pretty body well designed by Robert

It took almost 6 months to complete the design and sculpture for the mold she was modeled after body parts from multiple porn stars and I received the first one made at the factory before they even thought of posting it for sale.

I contacted YL Doll to make this design for me because I couldn’t find any company that had exactly what I wanted so I started to look for certain body parts to mash together into one and I believe it came out beautifully. Also I came up with the name for the doll they use on the YL Doll sight her name is Rosalia

Pictures of the design and modeling

Rosalia’s new face (#316)

Rosalia is the new face of YL Doll. This blonde with curly hair and green eyes is the all-new YL Doll 171cm 5ft6 M Cup.

Rosalia is a mixed American. She has a beautiful body with a very nice pair of boobs with an M Cup cap: a chest size over 40 inches (40.94 to be precise, or 104cm) and a chest size under the chest at 27 inches or 69cm. The shape of her tits is very round and natural.

She has a cute little ass. It lacks a little roundness (I like big asses). But with her long legs, you really had to have this drawing.
She’s TALL and this adds to her elegance.

It is clear that Robert wanted natural forms that were very close to reality. The model he designed is perfectly proportionate, despite its high weight. But I think it’s complicated to have such beautiful shapes, a size of 171cm 5ft6 and a weight of less than 95 lbs (40kg)

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YL Doll 171cm 5ft6 M Cup Measurements

  • Height: 171cm – 5ft6
  • Weight: 43.8kg – 96.56 lbs
  • Upper bust: 104cm – 40.94in
  • Under bust: 69cm/27.16in
  • Waist: 67cm – 26.37in
  • Hips: 88cm – 34.64in

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