NEW Huge Boobs AF Doll 170Cm 5ft5 With Silicone Head

Isn’t this the best of both Sex Dolls worlds?
2 worlds, what are we talking about?
For several years, there has been a small war between pro Silicone Sex Dolls and pro TPE Sex Dolls, but is that real subject?

Well, Now, the trend is to combine the two processes to get the best out of them for fans.

Just a silicone face for Real Sex Dolls

WM Dolls has already offered us a silicone head with a TPE body (WM Dolls Silicone Head Fannie Coming!)

It is AF Dolls’ turn to offer us this superb Silicone Asian face with the no less sublime new 170cm 5ft5 M Cup body in TPE.

Silicone is a little more expensive to manufacture and therefore to resell, but it allows you to have more detail in the shades and fineness of the features. They should have thought of that, but it gives more realistic face.

You can see it on this face number 5, which I find rather Japanese. You can tell me what you think about it.

The lines are really expressive and it gives her a very thoughtful look. The finesse of the eyelashes and eyebrows are amazing, like the nose and lips.

The make-up on the photos really helps to do this, but I am sure that reality is just as close.

AF Doll’s new voluptuous body

This new body is very exciting. It is a little heavy for my taste (46kgs – 101.41lbs) but the design of the breasts and hips are very desirable.

I really like this very pronounced curve of breasts that shapes a lot. She has a breast size of 108cm or 42.52 inches for a waist size of 58cm or 22.83 inches… which makes a huge difference. We’re in dimensions close to fantasy.

AF Dolls has understood this well and shows you a small swing of the tits in the video, not to be missed…

She has a good little ass, not too bulging, but you can’t see it well in this series of photos. We can see it a little better on the video, but I promise you that the next series will allow you to see it better.

Buy Your AF DOLL LIANE – 170CM | 5′ 5″ – N CUP (HYBRID – SILICONE HEAD + TPE BODY) just for $1,950.00  $2,239.00 on Sex Doll Genie

AF Dolls 170cm 5ft5 N Cup Body Measurements

  • Material: TPE
  • Height:170cm – 5ft5
  • Weight:46kgs – 101.41lbs
  • Upper Breasts:108cm – 42.52 in
  • Under Breasts:68cm – 26.77 in
  • Waist:58cm – 22.83 in
  • Hip:94cm – 37.01 in

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