The Sexy Lady Of The Castle

An evening with a beautiful car

I recently spent a rooftop evening with friends in which I met a couple of wealthy old English owners. They had come with their beautiful Aston Martin DB5. Passionate about beautiful cars, I couldn’t resist asking them many questions about sensations, maintenance, and driving pleasure.

I explained to them that I was a photographer and they kindly invited me to come and take pictures in their castle in Kent, South London.

How could you expect me to refuse?

A beautiful surprise awaited me

So I left the following weekend with all my equipment, very excited to find the beauty in her box. When I arrived in London, I took a rental car and drove along the beautiful roads of southern England with the directions given to me by the owners.

I arrived quickly. A large gate welcomed me and a servant came to pick up my small car and my belongings. Nevertheless, I kept one of my cameras on me.

I wanted to greet my hosts, but they had been away for the day. I was informed that they would be back in the evening. The weather was beautiful. I was asking if I could see the beauty right away. So I was taken to the back of the castle to the garages.

I was barely settled that behind me, I had the surprise I didn’t expect at all. A beautiful young redheaded woman, a WM Dolls 5ft7 171cm with #56 head dressed simply in a red checkered bikini and a pair of glasses of the same color was looking at me, probably wondering who I was.

I approached her slowly. I was almost afraid she would disappear like a wild animal.

But wild, she wasn’t… not at all.

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An improvised photoshoot

We exchanged quickly. She was the owners’ daughter and like all the rich young people she was, she was bored to death and looking for a little adventure. I explained to him that I was a photographer and that I rarely took pictures of cars….. my specialty being rather nudes… and especially female nudes.

We were alone. The staff was in the castle far enough away and without visibility…. She asked me right away if I agreed to let her be my model for a day…..

How could you expect me to refuse?

She was beautiful in her swimsuit and high heels mules.

At first, she remained a little static. She didn’t know how to do it. I quickly relaxed her. And she started undressing gently. She pulled up her bra to show off her sublime bosom with her two tits well pulled up.

Her very thin hips highlighted her beautiful ass. I let you discover the pictures of the session…. it excited me a lot.

WM Dolls 5ft6 171cm H Cup Measurements

  • Height: 171cm – 5ft6
  • Bust: 82cm – 32.3in
  • Waist: 43cm – 16.9in
  • Hips:83cm – 32.7in
  • Weight: 35.5kg – 78.3lbs

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