NEW Head For the WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H Cup

Here’s the new face #360 of WM Dolls that’s going to be a hit! I’m sure it will. Anyway, I love it.

In fact, I think it looks a little bit like my Olga’s.

This face is a little round with very pronounced cheekbones, eyebrows very high above the eye, leaving a large place for her big eyes. She has a small nose that points directly to a huge mouth.

NEW #360 head

And that’s really what I like in this face, a mouth that’s not too wide, but with very fleshy lips. She’s got a real blowjob mouth!

I think she’s going to give a lot of pleasure to those who acquire her. That’s for sure.

To complete this new face, a very black hair with a braid brings out her eyes and this mouth made up with a provoking red.

The magnificent body 5ft1 156cm H Cup

To prolong this new sexy face, you needed a well-moulded body. And what better than the 5ft1 156cm H Cup from WM Dolls. I think the assembly is almost perfect. This body has big beautifully shaped breasts, very pointed and prominent despite a reasonable cup size. This body is also elegant with a wasp waist of 54cm or 21.3 inches, descending to a small butt with a nice rounded buttocks, and very natural. It has that kind of little ass that you want to spank…

WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm Butt

But if it’s not very big, it has nice thighs and fairly slender legs.
Despite all this, this body remains under 40kgs or 87lbs.

A first series of photos to get you a little excited

In order to present this new association, we needed a nice series of photos. I haven’t received the video yet, but I can’t wait to see it. This sexdoll wanted to tease as much as possible.

She arrives in ultra sexy sportswear, with a red set very very short, which does not hide much … and highlights its forms.
I know several who will salivate a lot!

WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H cup

  • Height: 156cm – 5ft1
  • Full Bust: 93cm – 36.6 in
  • Under Bust: 65cm – 25.5 in
  • H Cup
  • Waist: 54cm – 21.3 in
  • Hips: 96cm – 37.8 in
  • Weight: 39.5kg – 87 lbs.

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