Indian SexDoll Deepika

I present you the first Indian SexDoll seen on this blog. Her name is Deepika and she just arrived from this great Asian country.

6YE Premium 4ft6 138cm
6YE Premium 4ft6 138cm

Deepika is a pretty young woman rather small, but with beautiful shapes and especially a sublime skin color.

Like many women from South India, she has a beautiful black hair, dark eyes a little mysterious, a rather fine face and a beautiful mouth.

Very warm shapes

Deepika is not an anorexic model, and she claims it. And I think it suits her pretty well. She has a nice pair of tits without them being too big and heavy. They have a very natural shape and are particularly spread out.
Enough to make good sessions of pleasure between these two tits.

Rarer for a sexdoll, she has a small belly a little bit funny. There are not many sexdoll which have this belly, which does not necessarily please everyone. Personally, it is not what I prefer, but I find that it adds a touch of realism rather strong.

I told you, she’s not very tall. I would even say that I think it’s a bit tight. With a few extra inches, I think it would have been perfect. So she has small legs but still nice big thighs.

Deepika is a 6YE Doll Premium. So she has nice details and you can see it on the pictures. Her pussy and her anus are particularly well made and they will be an immense source of pleasure for the attentive companions that you will be.

6YE Premium 4ft6 138cm
6YE Premium 4ft6 138cm

An expert sexual partner

Beware, however, the beautiful Indian girl has character and likes spicy dishes. So don’t promise her too much, or else you’ll have to surpass yourself to give her what she expects.

The enormous advantage of this sexdoll is its weight. With just 72lbs or 33kg, you will be able to test many sexual positions and many different places.

And don’t forget that the kamasutra is of Indian origin, so you have with you a knowledgeable sexual partner…

6YE 138cm 4ft6 F-Cup Spec

  • Height: 138cm – 4ft6
  • Bust: 87cm — 34in
  • Waist: 65cm –
  • Hips: 95cm – 37.4in
  • Under-bust: 63m – 24.8in
  • Weight: 33kg – 72lbs

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