Two real-life hookers

Who hasn’t dreamt of screwing two little whores at the same time? What if these two whores have the same body, but a different face… so different that it feels like they’re not the same at all?

I present two versions of the AMOR Doll sexdoll: the 5ft153cm D Cup. The last time you saw it, it was a Slutty Elf.

AMOR DOLL 5ft 153cm D Cup with silicone head Joaquina on

Realistic small breasts and a big ass

This is really one of the great qualities of the sexdolls of AMOR Doll, this premium brand. She makes very realistic sexdolls, and for some, maybe too realistic. The body details of this sexdoll are incredible. And when you see them in photos or videos, you really get the impression that they’re there, very real, very much alive.

AMOR DOLL 5ft 153cm D Cup with silicone head Joaquina

The boobs of this sexdoll is not big. She has small breasts with “only” a little more than 30 inches or 77cm. That gives her a D cup size. It’s not crazy. But on the other hand, if you take a good look at her tits, you immediately realize the work on the shape, the pigmentation, the shape of the nipple.

The same can be said of her belly, her ass and her thighs!
Aaaaaah, it should be pointed out that this sexdoll has a good big ass, since she has a hip circumference of more than 38 inches or 98cm.

AMOR DOLL 5ft 153cm D Cup – ASS

The pussy and the anus are also super real.

The only thing that doesn’t seem natural, and that suits us well, is its weight! She “only” weighs 36.5kg or 80.5lbs.

In fact, this sexdoll looks like a lot of natural Western women who let themselves live a little.

The two faces I present in this post are the Amor Silicone Head J. Joaquina, and the N101.

AMOR Doll 5ft 153cm D Cup Specifications

  • Height: 153cm – 5ft
  • Bust: 77cm – 30.3in
  • Under-bust: 62cm – 24.4in
  • Waist: 60cm – 23.6in
  • Hips: 98cm – 38.6in
  • Weight: 36.5kg – 80.5lbs
AMOR DOLL 153cm 5ft D Cup with N101 Head on

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