Magical Elfes

I’m a big fan of elves and other mysterious beings that can be found in great legends, mythical books and other fantasy films.

Elves have a special place in my heart and soul, because so many mysteries, secrets and undeclared passions resonate within them. We always have the impression that they are cold beings without envy or desire, when it’s just the opposite!

I’ve already shown you several rather well-made and extremely desirable elves:

I had also presented you the Elf Princess Amanda, a SEDOLL 4ft9 150cm E cup number 068.

This elf wasn’t all magic and bewitchment. She was also beauty and light.

From light to shade

SEDOLL 4ft9 150cm E Cup Video

But today we go to the dark side. Because every light has its shadow. This elf is dark, and in the grip of the demon. She is the opposite of Princess Amanda.

SEDOLL 4ft9 150cm E cup

Her black horns, violet eyes and black accessories are all signs. She is evil.
Yes, she is evil. But she’s just as desirable, if not more so, than Amanda. The dark side of elf magic can drive you mad with burning passion.

A light body

She’s got the power to steal your soul. At first, you’ll be a desire for her, a toy she doesn’t have yet, and she’ll do anything to seduce you.

SEDOLL 4ft9 150cm E cup Body

For that, she will look at you with softness and insistence. She will show you her perfect body with her small well-drawn breasts, with that beautiful and impeccable curvature that pushes the nipples towards your mouth.

She will lengthen her long legs so that you can lick her from her feet to her pussy. This sex so well shaved and so desirable, you will catch her with your tongue to give you the pleasure she is waiting for. Yes, it is you who will be enchanted by this cunnilingus

SEDOLL 4ft9 150cm E cup Sex

She seems to have a fragile and frail body with her arms so fine, her small shoulders, her ultra fine size of less than 20 inches or 51 cm, and her very light weight of barely 27 kg or 59.5 lbs.
And with a single look, a single gesture, you will belong to this demon. She will have gotten what she wanted. And all I hope is that she doesn’t abandon you in your desire and frustration not to fuck her properly!

SE Doll 4ft9 150cm E cup

  • Height: 150 cm – 4ft9
  • Bust: 75 cm – 29.3 in
  • E cup
  • Waist: 51 cm – 19.9in
  • Hips: 77 cm – 30 in
  • Weight: 27 kg – 59.5 lbs

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