Take Penny’s Fat Ass

Penny’s got a big butt, a good big butt just the way we like it. Penny is a very nice, very pretty young American girl. She likes food and sex, and in both cases, it shows.

Penny, a sexdoll who loves life

So she’s found her balance. She’s cooking herself some great meals. She’s really super good at cooking. She knows the flavors, the tastes, the right arrangements.
Then she prepares a beautiful table to welcome her guests and everyone enjoys it.

Passion Doll – Type A – 159cm 5ft2

But Penny has a lot of other talents too. She is super sexy and very liberated. When she is at home, she shows her breasts to anyone who wants to see them. I would even say that she shows everything to whoever wants to enjoy them. She’s really not shy, let alone modest.

Personal Invitation

And that was my case when Penny invited me to her house. And it started right away. We went into the garden for a little aperitif. Penny was already half-naked. She was wearing a little top that was really too short to cover her big tits and a little swimsuit panty, with her nice sneakers on.

Passion Doll – Type A – 159cm 5ft2

When I told her, that you could see her breasts, she just said they needed to get some air !… Too cool !… So, with her consent, I took some pictures to share them with you.

Passion Doll – Type A – 159cm 5ft2

We played ball and we laughed a lot ! Afterwards we were so tired that we slumped on a chair and a blanket on the ground. I just stared at her so much. I could see her nice big, tanned and heavy tits.

A fucking booty

She’s got a really skinny waist and a huge ass. It’s too good to see. Her ass is unbelievable. With her 117cm or 46 inches of hip circumference, she has two huge, bulging buttocks. In profile, it gives her a fucking booty.

Passion Doll – Type A – 159cm 5ft2

Plus, she looks so beautiful with her long hair running down her tits.

She saw that she liked me a lot… and she showed me a lot more… I saw her beautiful shaved pussy with a sudden urge to eat her completely. This motivated us to resume outdoor sports activities… but this time, no ball…

Passion Doll – Type A – 159cm 5ft2 Measurement

  • Height: 159cm – 5ft2
  • Bust: 94cm – 37in
  • Waist56cm – 22in
  • Hip: 117cm – 46in
  • Weight: 47.5kg – 104.7lbs

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