Lingerie fashion show

It’s been a long time since I’ve done such beautiful photo shoots with a young woman as beautiful as her.
She is a SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm E cup with S30 face. She is sublime.
She settled on the set, and despite her shyness and modesty, she captured all the light. She took all the space in this small photographic studio.

SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm E Cup

She is brown with beautiful long hair, black eyes, a mouth so delicate and very well made up, and a small nose so fine and graceful.

She arrived in black lingerie, this lingerie so classy and so expensive in lace which dresses while letting glimpse her skin so clear and so soft. She wore a black top, a double lace g-string, stockings and a pair of shoes with matching heels. She has long earrings that pop out from under her hair. What elegance!

SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm E Cup

Every break is a moment of poetry. Time stops just before the camera clicks. Our gazes intertwine through the lens’ viewfinder. I can feel her breathing cutting off. She is all mine, and at the same time so distant for the moment.

I choose to sit her on a soft, silky fake skin. She relaxes. She’s getting wilder and naughty. I can feel her warming up.
She takes off her black top and I can see her bra is very worked. This is beautiful lingerie made with care and knowledge. You can see her thin and fragile shoulders, and above all you can see her cleavage.

SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm E Cup

Without insisting, she exposes her breasts by opening her bra slightly. She has two perfectly designed small breasts, well rounded, with well positioned pinkish nipples. This Sex Doll is great art!

SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm E Cup

This time, she is completely liberated. She decides to take off her top and her thong, while keeping her stockings. She basks on the synthetic skin and caresses her own with it. She seems excited. She turns around and lets me contemplate her round buttocks and I can see her little anus so welcoming.

SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm E Cup

Lying on her back, I can now enjoy her magical plastic and all the details of her body. How am I going to resist?… Do I only have to resist?

SINODOLL 5ft3 162cm S30B

  • Material: Silicone
  • Height: 162cm – 5ft3
  • Busts: 81cm – 31.89 in
  • Under Breasts: 61cm – 24.02 in
  • Waist: 51cm – 20.08 in
  • Hips: 91cm – 35.83 in
  • Weight: 34kgs – 74.96lbs

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  1. It’s always great to watch another Sinodoll ????
    But I guess it’s even better to have one and sleep with ????

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