A very generous Sexdoll

That’s really what I like about the Sexdolls, is that you can choose exactly what you like. I know this speech may shock some people, but that’s okay, I’ll take it. It’s so good to be able to really enjoy yourself in this world of frustration.

Then it’s also true that you can have a lot of different fantasies and so you have to have a pretty good wallet to be able to make them come true. But it’s not a big deal because as long as we haven’t managed to buy the new sexdoll that we dream about, we get excited about the current ones by thinking about it.

A MILF dream

And it is for me with this 6Ye sexdoll, the 5ft3 159cm J cup. I love that sexdoll. I find it terribly exciting. 6Ye makes very realistic sexdolls with very natural shapes. I remind you of the sublime 163cm 5ft4 I cup or the huge 5ft3 161cm J cup.

6YE 5ft3 159cm J-cup

When I see this MILF with this AMOR J (Joaquina) face so well done, I can only look at my bank account and it says a big YES!

Why I like her so much

Well, it’s pretty simple, and I’d start with her big tits. They’re so appetizing. They’re breathtakingly realistic. They have a very round shape underneath with the nipple pointing slightly, and perfect color and detail. I can already see them in my hands…

6YE 5ft3 159cm J-cup

But that’s not all we have to stop at. She has a slim waist, even very slim with her 57cm or 22.4 inches. And this contrasts a lot with her hip size which is huge in comparison: 100cm – 39.4 inches. She has a good big ass in addition to her pretty breasts.

6YE 5ft3 159cm J-cup

This is a very small series of photos, but I couldn’t resist showing them to you. I’ll manage to find some more for you.

6YE 5ft3 159cm J-cup Premium Body Spec

  • Height: 159cm – 5ft3
  • Bust: 93cm – 36.6in
  • Under-bust: 59cm – 23.2in
  • J cup
  • Waist: 57cm – 22.4in
  • Hips: 100cm – 39.4in
  • Weight: 43kg – 94lbs

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