New Sino Doll Torso

This new torso is a real success. A torso is often difficult to design for a new doll. Especially since this torso is almost at the price of a “whole” sexdoll! And yet, there are many advantages to having one.

Enter the world of Sino Dolls

SinoDolls is at the top of the sex doll manufacturing. These silicone dolls, not TPE, are of high quality, very realistic with lots of details. This is the case with this new torso.

SINO Doll Torso Head 31A
SINO Doll Torso – Head 31A

The face 31A of this model is sublime. A devastating blonde that will not leave you cold. At first glance, you’ll be so excited that you’ll forget she has no legs. The body, the sex, the anus are exceptional of finesse and realism. I think many of you will enjoy touching, caressing and licking them for hours.

The advantage of this Torso model is that it has arms. This makes a real difference compared to models that don’t have arms. Already she will be able to take you in her arms. She will be able to take care of your sex or any other part of your body that you would like her to touch you. Moreover, to dress her, it is much better, because the clothes do not slip.

Why a Sex Doll torso?

The price

And yes, that’s a strong argument. SINO Dollars are often over $2,500. It’s getting pretty hard to buy one. For this torso, $1,800 will do. And you can probably negotiate a small discount from your dealer.

A light weight

A lot of advantages, I said. One of the first one is obviously the weight… It’s easily transportable since torsos generally weigh around 44lbs – 20kgs, compared to the 88lbs – 40kgs of TPE sexdolls.

A small size for a real woman

The upper part of the body is often of a reasonable size so you have under or over a real sexdoll. The impressions during moments of pleasure are therefore realistic.
The small size also makes it easier to store… It’s much easier to put it away! No more contortionist manoeuvres to put it correctly in place. It also requires much less space in the closet or under the bed.

SINO Doll Torso
SINO Doll Torso

The size and weight allow you to use it more often. One desire and you can take it out quickly.

Sino Doll Torso with Arms

  • Material: high-quality Silicone
  • Height: 55cm – 1ft 10 (without head)
  • Full Bust: 73cm – 28.7 in
  • Hips: 86cm – 33.9 in
  • Weight: 19kg – 41.9 lbs

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