The perfect blonde has big boobs

It’s one of my favorite sexdolls, I can’t hide it from you.

I’m crazy about this great WM Dolls sexdoll: the 5ft8 173cm H Cup.

Voted Best Big Breast Sexdoll

You didn’t make a mistake either, and you love her too, since you voted her Best SexDolls Awards 2019 in the category “Big Breasts” at the sda Best SexDolls Awards 2019.

It has to be said that this sexdoll is just amazing in every way. She has great tits, a beautifully designed belly with lots of detail, a slim waist, a crazy ass, and good thighs. She’s tall, she’s sexy, and she’s stylish.

But let’s go back a little bit more on this dream plastic. The WM Dolls 5ft8 173cm H cup is really big, since it’s even one of the biggest sexdolls on the market. When you will see it in front of you, unless you are more than 6 feet 5 or 2 meters tall, you will feel at its height. It gives an incredible sense of realism.

If you give her high-heeled platform shoes, or platform waders… as I did to my Olga…. she’ll immediately be taller than you, and then it’s something else… there you enter a world of incredible fantasy…

WM Dolls 5ft8 173cm H cup
WM Dolls 5ft8 173cm H cup

Because standing as you lie down, you’re going to feel the difference. When you are penetrating her sex or anus, her mouth will be at the right height, and her breasts will compress your chest. You will easily be able to put your head in the middle of her two huge tits and you will burst at the same time in her crotch.

WM Dolls 5ft8 173cm H cup - boobs
WM Dolls 5ft8 173cm H cup – Boobs

This sexdoll has a beautiful pair of tits. They are well rounded, well inflated, and each one of them will keep you busy for a long time. She has a slightly muscular belly and a very thin waist. This gives her a slightly peculiar silhouette from behind, but so sexy. And by the way, the view from behind is so great: this ass… my god, this ass… Both her buttocks are so bulging!

WM Dolls 5ft8 173cm H cup - Ass
WM Dolls 5ft8 173cm H cup – Ass

The face #203 with the implanted hair…

WM Dolls offers us for this series a famous face, which you already saw with the very famous body of the WM Dolls 163cm H Cup in the article “WM Dolls 163cm H Cup New pics and Video“.

But WM Dolls likes to improve its products and this is still the case with this face and its implanted hair. The realism is only improved and the comfort “of use” is still increased.

WM Dolls 5ft8 173cm H cup
WM Dolls 5ft8 173cm H cup

This beautiful blonde is therefore definitely blonde, even if with a small net and other wigs, you can change her as you wish. But you have to admit that with her blue eyes and light make-up, it is the right colour and length for her hair.

She has only one flaw, her weight, and I think WM Dolls can work on it to make the perfect sexdoll.

WM Dolls 5ft6 173cm H Cup Measurements

  • Height: 173cm – 5ft6
  • Bust:100cm – 39.4 in
  • Waist:59cm – 23.23 in
  • Hips:110cm – 43.3 in
  • Weight:45kgs – 99.21lbs

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  1. rickysanders29

    The ass could be a little bigger like around at least 45 inches but overall just gorgeous!

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