How Can I Reduce My Libido?

There are many men and women whose libido is very high and beyond their partner’s capacity. Although sex life can bring many benefits, it must be moderate rather than excessive. Finding a partner who matches your libido is great, but knowing how to appropriately lower your libido is an effective way to develop a relationship and make it last.

Here you can learn how to use it best for people with an overactive sex drive. Read the whole article to learn how to control yourself.

What is sexual desire?

Libido is the human desire to engage in sexual activity and is characterized by a person’s willingness to engage in sexual/erotic activity at any given time. Low libido means little desire for sexual activity, while high libido is a constant desire for sex. Many people around the world have a distorted view of sex, almost feeling that a man with a high sex drive is something to be proud of. However, only a few people know how high sexual desire can damage romantic relationships.

What is excessive sex drive?

1. Disrupted mental health.

2. It interferes with your work and life.

3. Affect your relationships with both sexual and non-sexual partners.

4. Even if you’re having sex a lot, it’s not enough.

If you fall into either of these categories, you can follow up on some of the ways we’ve mentioned how to control your libido.

1. See a doctor. When you find it has affected your life and work, then you must pay attention to it. They will do some checks and tell you the source of the problem to reduce their influence on you.

2. Psychotherapy. A therapist/psychologist can recommend effective solutions and address the triggers first.

3. Communicate with your partner. Discuss openly with your partner and get her help to balance your excessive or active sex drive.

People who are not sexually active may buy sex toys as a means to increase their enjoyment. So for people who are sexually active, they might want to know if sex toys make them more sexually active. We can say that sex toys satisfy sexual needs, but they don’t control your sexual desire. However, if you can keep the toy at a fixed time to get its help. In short, rather than figuring out how to get rid of sexual desire altogether, reduce it to a level you can live with.

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