An Athletic Sex Doll

And yes, it’s a big fashion: sex dolls now have muscles. And for some, they have very muscular ones.

For WM Dolls, there is an intermediate version, which is both a little muscular and very sexy.

The WM Dolls Fitness Sex Doll

Of course, this isn’t the first athletic-looking sexdoll you’ve seen, but I know that many of you like sporty sex dolls with little round shapes. These sports and sweat lovers love sculptural bodies and protruding muscles. But at night, or when the excitement starts to build, they also enjoy some well-placed curves and softness in the features.

I think if you like that, you’ll love the WM Dolls 5ft4 167cm Fitness with face #233.

A 0% fat sex doll

Yeah, that sexdoll may have the face of an angel. And there it is necessary to recognize that this face #233 really expresses softness and calmness. This pretty blonde with long hair and assertive look will seduce you. This head is a little round, with a well drawn nose and a small mouth. It is rather western type. It works well with this impressive body.

WM Dolls 5ft4 167cm Fitness

Yes, that’s the word. It is impressive. WM Dolls wanted to offer you a fitness body, and it’s successful. And you have several details that prove it.

Its belly with its abdominal muscles all apparent and its thighs and calves stretched like bows are some of the characteristics of this model. But that’s not all.

WM Dolls 5ft4 167cm Fitness
WM Dolls 5ft4 167cm Fitness

If you turn the sex doll over, you’ll see this perfectly designed back with its very marked hips and firm buttocks with the hollow on the sides. You can feel the muscle under the buttock and think that you will be able to hit it without any problem.

WM Dolls 5ft4 167cm Fitness
WM Dolls 5ft4 167cm Fitness

The little extra sweetness is her pretty pair of tits. WM Dolls has kept a nice firm chest and slightly pointed nipples. This makes her even more appetizing.

WM Dolls 5ft4 167cm J Cup Fitness

  • Height: 167cm – 5ft4
  • Upper Bust:93cm – 36.61 in
  • Hips:60cm – 23.62 in
  • Waist:88cm – 34.65 in
  • Weight:42kgs – 92.59lbs

3 thoughts on “An Athletic Sex Doll”

  1. Not bad, they’re getting closer.
    If they manged to increase the cup size without increasing the band size, it’ll be better. (110cm – 120cm).
    Like somewhere between the shape and spread of their 170M and a slighter droop version of their competition’s (JY170P).
    Do not make them torpedo’s like wm165k or spheres like jy150muscle, yl150.
    Designed to sit apart and off to the sides like their own 170M, but can be pulled together with an outfit to create that protruding lifted fullness.
    Other than that, they nailed this very well. Especially the deep dimples of venus, The side handles on the thighs shown in H233-24 + H233-23.
    Don’t get me wrong, the breasts fit this body type well. Maybe a cup or 2 sizes bigger would balance it.
    Personally I would like to see it in upper bust in 110-120cm (q-t) range

    1. OHOHOHOH… Great!… It’s a great definition and so accurate and so right. Do you want to become a sexdolls designer? I think you can help factories

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