The Sexy Black Rabbit

In my work, you always have to be creative, and it is not always easy. When you host a sexdoll like Bianca, however, ideas immediately come to mind. So I decided that today she would be a little black rabbit … very sexy.

She wears a mask with beautiful black ears, a black bodysuit, and superb platform boots with high heels that I love! She chose to dye her hair purple and to wear this special necklace, since it is made of transparent plastic with a silver wire knot.

Bianca, Italian in spirit

SEDOLL 5ft5 167cm E cup, the 047

Bianca is a SEDOLL 5ft5 167cm E cup, the 047. This is how SEDoll identifies her Sex Dolls. Bianca is of Italian origin. She is tall, quite muscular, with a pretty chest not very big and a good firm ass. She’s a very loving and sexy lovedoll. She has a very thin, slightly elongated face with slightly almond-shaped eyes, a fairly long nose and a beautiful, fleshy mouth.

Suggestive poses

Bianca is a magnificent model. It’s very easy to work with her, since she knows exactly how to position herself, how to show the beautiful curves of her body and capture the light to sublimate it.

SEDOLL 5ft5 167cm E cup, the 047

Exceptional details

When I first saw her in “A Sexdoll Porn Actress“, I immediately liked the shape of her body. You know I like big boobs, but I also like beautiful, well-drawn bodies with details. And SEDoll really pays particular attention to the realism of its models. It’s incredible again. In this photo where she is almost naked, you can see the work on the breasts, the lines of her abs, the shape of the thighs, and of course the realism of her sex.

SEDOLL 5ft5 167cm E cup, the 047

SEDOLL 5ft5 167cm E cup

  • Height: 167 cm – 5ft5
  • Bust: 90 cm – 35.4in
  • Waist: 65 cm – 25.6in
  • Hips: 92 cm – 36.2in
  • Weight: 42 kg – 92.6lbs

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