Jane, a very convincing hitchhiker…

I met Jane on one of my photography trips. I love to travel around the country and stop at a chance meeting or a fantastic landscape.
And believe me, it happens to me very often to discover nuggets.

IrontechDoll 5ft2 159cm D cup

And Jane is a nugget. Jane is a Irontech Doll 5ft2 159cm D cup with long grey hair and incredible blue eyes. She is an American from Texas. We’ve never talked about it, but she’s a half-breed, I think.

She’s really beautiful and she knows it. So when Jane decides to hitchhike, well, she goes wherever she wants and often far away.

IrontechDoll 5ft2 159cm D cup

A sexy break

Jane is a brave young woman, a little crazy, and certainly very special. You understand when you meet her, that she has several lives and that they weren’t always at the top. But now she’s chosen her life and she’s fulfilling her destiny. She’s having fun, she’s having a good time. She’s happy.

IrontechDoll 5ft2 159cm D cup

When I saw her waiting on the side of the road, I stopped right there. First to ask her if she needed any help, she just told me that she had to go to the next town to sing in a bar tonight. I offered to go with her. And as soon as she got in the car, she asked me why I had all this camera equipment. A few minutes of explanation, and she asked me to do a session, there, in the middle of nowhere!

IrontechDoll 5ft2 159cm D cup

There was no risk of meeting anyone and the landscape was beautiful.

And off we went. I understood immediately that it was her first time. She undressed right away, but without taking her time. I calmed her down a little, until I saw her ass…

IrontechDoll 5ft2 159cm D cup

What an ass!… suddenly I felt excited… I looked up. Her breasts were super horny and with her slim waist, and her slender legs… she was… scary.

She was mostly naked!

Irontech Doll 159cm (5ft2′) Lovable Office Girl – Aimee on SRSD

IrontechDoll 5ft2 159cm D cup Specs

  • Height: 159cm – 5ft2
  • Upper Breasts: 87cm – 34.25 in
  • Under breasts: 67.5cm – 26.57in
  • D cup
  • Waist: 65cm – 25.59in
  • Hips: 100cm – 39.37in
  • Weight: 38kgs / 83.78lbs

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