MoviePilot Loves His NEW Huge Boobs YL Doll

Movie Pilot is a fan of my blog and I thank him warmly for that. And when he saw my first post on the new YL Doll 5ft2 166cm, he contacted me right away to tell me that he had the very first one with Kyra’s face at home !!…

And in this complicated period, it’s a hell of a luck !!

And Movie Pilot is a great person, since he immediately proposed me to share with you some of his pictures and his impressions on his new sexdoll.

Well, there’s nothing to write except she is the “very best, extremely hot, equipped with perfect round ass and super tits” doll around. 

Movie Pilot

YL Doll 166cm – Movie Pilot

I think you understood… he loves it and it makes perfect sense. When I presented him to you in this famous post “Sexual Addiction“, I had already told you that I thought, given the measurements of the beautiful girl, that she was going to be a big success. And now I’m certain of it… and I want to give it to myself. She’s too perfect.

YL Doll 166cm – Movie Pilot

No, seriously, there’s really nothing I could say, this doll lacks of. Looking around at all dolls available, there’s none coming even close to her.

Movie Pilot

Just for the record, she’s got huge, hot, balloon boobs. She’s got a super-thin waist and she’s super sexy. She’s got a super cute ass. But if there was only that, a lot of sexdolls could fit in this definition (and especially the WM Dolls 5ft8 173cm H cup) .

But she has other undeniable assets… and notably her weight and size.

YL Doll 166cm – Movie Pilot

Indeed for a sexdoll of 5ft2 or 166cm, it weighs “only” 33.8kg or 74.5lbs, which makes it a very interesting sexdoll to have fun with!

Like you already mentioned, she comes with nice curves combined with an awesome weight. Compared to so many other manufacturers, YL provides the correct weight value. When doing my own measurements, I only found one “incorrect” value, the upper bust size. Instead of 88cm I personally get 92cm

Movie Pilot

Movie Pilot is a senior member of the TDF (The Doll Forum) and I think he will be happy to exchange with you, if you go to meet him on his profile.

YL Doll 5ft2 166cm N cup

  • Height: 166cm – 65.35in
  • Upper Bust: 88cm – 34.64in
  • Under Bust: 52cm – 20.47in
  • Waist: 49cm – 19.3in
  • Hip: 87cm – 34.25in
  • Weight (incl. head): 33.8kg / 74.5lbs

7 thoughts on “MoviePilot Loves His NEW Huge Boobs YL Doll”

  1. Awesome posting. Yeah, she’s a stunner like hell. And if you’re still not convinced yet, go at YL homepage to be amazed by the latest promo pictures. Just unbelievable what sexy piece of art YL put into this world.

  2. She is apsolutely gorgeous, if love to have her in my bed, if full her full of cum in a hurry, love her eyes,

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