7 Tips For Middle-aged And Elderly Sex Life

Many people think that when they get older, their sex drive will decrease and they will have no sex. In fact, they don’t. Old people still have their own sex lives, but they are a little weak due to their age. Some sales data show that middle-aged and elderly people are also the audience of sex toys in terms of adding fun to sex life, not inferior to young people.

How do old people improve sexual ability?

1. Keep your sex life moderate

Like other organs in the human body, well-developed with frequent use and vestigial with infrequent use gradually. The nerve center that controls sexual activity in the human body is in the hypothalamus, harmonious sexual life can be active in the nerve of this part, make hypothalamus-pituitary gland – endocrine ability enhancement, promote the secretion of sex hormone, make the person hold the sexual ability for a long time. Of course, sexual life should also be moderate, excessive frequent sexual life can not only make people appear in back pain, fatigue, and other uncomfortable symptoms, but also easy to lead to sexual dysfunction, and even cause prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and prostate hypertrophy disease, and so on.

2. Take proper rest after sex

Some people are busy working during the day and feel exhausted when they go to bed at night, resulting in no interest in sex. If forced at this time, is bound to affect the quality of sexual life. Older people can schedule sex in the morning before they get up. However, it should be noted that after each sex, you should rest for a while, because the testicles are at the same level as the heart. The lying position facilitates the return of blood to the testicular veins and helps maintain and restore testicular function as quickly as possible.

3. Get in the habit of bathing with warm water before going to bed

During the day, people’s sympathetic nerves are in a state of excitement, and at night, people’s parasympathetic nerves are in a state of excitement. Bathing before going to bed can relax the mood, eliminate tension during the day, improve sleep, improve sexual function and make the body more adaptable to the deployment of autonomic nerves at night. However, it should be noted that the bathwater must not be overheated, because overheated water will not only cause the temperature of the testicles to become too high, and reduce the function of the testicles. It can also cause the blood vessels of the whole body to expand significantly, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, making people appear a sense of fatigue.

4. Wear tight briefs less

Tight briefs can compress the testicles, make the temperature of the testicles too high, thereby reducing the function of the testicles. In addition, because the scrotum mainly relies on the contraction and relaxation of the external skin pores to regulate temperature, wearing tight briefs will limit the effect of the skin pores outside the scrotum, so that the scrotum can only rely on sweating to regulate temperature. In the long run, The humid and warm environment of the genitals creates conditions for the reproduction of bacteria, which can cause genital skin infections and even genitourinary tract infections.

 5. Massage or hot moxibustion umbilical cord

There is a Shenque point on the navel hole, stimulation of this point can generally treat gastrointestinal diseases. In recent years, Japanese scientists studied to prove, often massage umbilical ministry or hot moxibustion Shenque point can enhance sexual function and treat impotence. The specific operation method is every morning and evening after lying in bed, with the index fingers of both hands respectively massage cheque point every 5 minutes, can also be used to move a lit cigarette near the umbilical cord, immediately remove the cigarette when feeling local skin burning. Every night before going to bed can repeat several times such massage and hot moxibustion. We recommend going to a professional organization to enjoy this service, to avoid improper operation will harm the body.

6. Watch your diet

A diet that is not good for the heart is also not good for sexual performance. A small number of fruits and vegetables and high-fat foods can block the blood flow to the coronary arteries and also block the blood flow to the sex organs. Studies have found that men who eat Mediterranean food for a long time rarely suffer from erectile dysfunction.

7. Pay close attention to testosterone

Even healthy men will have their testosterone levels drop when they are close to 50 years old. Symptoms such as decreased libido, moodiness, decreased energy, and difficulty in making decisions are all signs of decreased testosterone levels. Beware of these symptoms.

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