5 Reasons Why Men Don’t Have An Orgasm

It is generally believed that only women suffer from orgasmic problems during sex. In contrast, men get happiness more directly and easily from it. But according to a recent MSNBC report, men don’t always orgasm during sex like we think they do.

Why men don’t have orgasms?

1. No sex education

Before the marriage, both parties do not know about sexual intercourse, complete lack sexual knowledge. Neither of them knew what the other wanted, and they were afraid of sex, or shy, so they never had sex for months after their marriage. Or much human nature knowledge is a poor, incorrect method. The most common reason for no orgasm is that the penis is inserted into the vagina and stagnates, does not rub or rub improperly, or does not stir up or does not reach the intensity required for ejaculation center excitement. Single men who have never had sex before can try Masturbator Cups to solve their needs.

2. Incorrect sex concepts

Most of those who have certain “hindrances” to sexual life and regard sexual life as pressure are those who have been taught to distort sex into something obscene, dirty, and obscene. As a result of newly married nervous psychology, sexual life after a few failures, the wife is cold and antipathy, the formation of sexual malign stimulation. And gradually lose interest in the opposite sex, decrease libido, avoid sexual intercourse, and even lead to husband and wife quarrel.

3. Bad sex

After marriage because of a variety of factors or strong dedication to work, the use of external ejaculation, condom measures contraception, and so on. When planning to have a child, however, affected by psychological factors and not ejaculation. Masturbation is found in sexual intercourse, and punished, resulting in mental trauma; Abnormal sexual psychology, and lover to do orgasms, and his wife sex but no orgasms.

4. Objective environmental impact

Many objective factors, such as narrow housing and noisy environment, may form sexual inhibition. The two parties have different jobs, different commutes, and uncoordinated sex lives; Men work too hard, and so on. Women are used to enjoying the pleasure brought by men’s orgasms, but once the anxiety stage is still unable to reach orgasm, this kind of psychology, in turn, increases the psychological burden of men.

5. Natural sex organ problems

Studies have found that about one in 10 patients never has an orgasm in any situation, whether awake or asleep. Neurological factors, mainly due to abnormal brain function, the inhibition of sexual excitement is strengthened, especially the inhibition of ejaculation center is strengthened, the patient has no orgasm and ejaculation action.

From a medical point of view, male ejaculation is not the same as orgasm, so don’t consider the moment of ejaculation the ultimate goal of sex. Lest the sexual life that can let two people appear tired, boring lose original well. Moderate control, honing skills, can make the two of the world more exciting and happy.

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