What Is Quality Sex Like?

With the continuous development of society, people are more open-minded and pay more and more attention to the sex life between husband and wife. Proper sexual life can not only make the relationship between the husband and wife go further but also have great benefits for physical health. High-quality sex can make people ecstasy and happy, but also can make people have an endless aftertaste, and even be unforgettable for a lifetime.

How can it be called high quality?

1. Enough foreplay

For sex life, doing foreplay is easy to relax and enter the state, and it will also make women produce a lot of vaginal discharge and allow men to enter quickly without feeling uncomfortable. Because in the normal state, the excitement of men rises relatively quickly, while the excitement of women rises relatively slowly. Some sexologists have pointed out that the best foreplay is to meet the four major needs of people’s vision, hearing, smell, and touch. Generally speaking, the foreplay time can be kept at about 10 minutes.

2. Enough time for sex

It is best to keep the time of sex at about 7~13 minutes. Some surveys have found that men tend to feel fatigued over 13 minutes and have difficulty recovering their physical strength. If less than 7 minutes will make each other feel unhappy, there will be no High-quality sex life.

3. Effective contraception

At present, many women do not want to delay their work because of pregnancy, so they will take contraceptive measures during sex. But some people always worry that they can’t fully engage in sex after taking contraceptive measures. The correct contraceptive method can let both parties have no worries. Fully engaged in sex life can make each other reach the climax.

4. Reaching orgasm

Although sex can bring pleasure to each other, some women cannot get an orgasm in it. A survey found that 80% of women pretend to have an orgasm in order to cater to their partners, but a perfect sex life will make both parties feel unfulfilled in their sexual life. Sex toys can be used to add fun and help women have an orgasm.

5. Eliminate fatigue

If you often feel very tired after sex, it means that it is not a suitable sex life. High-quality sex life will make each other feel happy and relaxed. Sex life requires a certain amount of physical energy, and you have sex when physically or mentally exhausted. Often the climax is not reached, and the results are not satisfactory to both parties, especially if you have sex immediately after being tired, it will harm your health.

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