WM 170cm M cup with #47 head photo


This new #47 head is a great success. I will post this last with different bodies.

For this time, you can appreciate the beautiful M Cup 170cm (5’6) Body with brown wig and brown eyes.


Mature Realistic Love Doll 170 cm (5’6 ft) M-Cup – $2,199


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  1. Anyone care to comment on the durability of these dolls and if they come with a warranty? After weeks of research, these (listed below) are currently my favorite body types/dolls, but I can’t decide on the face. I feel this doll will fulfil my needs as the dating scene cannot bring me. Reason I ask for good durability, is because I’m 6’6, 235 lbs and quite often I tend to like to go hard and rough (not all the time), so strong that regular female humans can’t handle it. Any recommendations on which face or any advice especially towards durability is greatly appreciated. Thanks…


    My favorite face, but I do hope they make additional MILF faces….

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