New Pregnant Doll from Or Doll


I think this is the first pregnant doll from Or Doll. This 4’8 doll has D Cup Breast.

My partner SexyRealSexDoll sent me a great , just for YOU my lovely readers: PREGOADDICT this is the coupon just for your sda Readers, that gives you $350 in that particular model only. You can buy her just for: USD $ 1,849.00


Her specifications are:

  • Weight:30.3kg/66lbs
  • Upper breasts:78cm/30.7in
  • Under breasts:59cm/23.2in
  • Waist:67cm/26.4in
  • Hip:90cm/35.4in
  • Leg length:78cm/30.7in
  • Thigh circle:41cm/16.1in
  • Leg circle:28cm/11in
  • Inside leg length:68cm/26.8in
  • Arm length:60cm/23.6in
  • Shoulder:35cm/13.8in
  • Feet:20cm/7.9in

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