Why Do We Need Orgasms?

Do you believe that orgasms are good for our health? Indeed, when we reach orgasm, the body burns calories in a whole new way, regulates mood, and alleviates depression.

When everyone is angry, if you have sex at this time, you may suddenly feel that all your unhappiness disappears. This is because the orgasm releases your inner pressure. During orgasm, the body produces oxytocin, which resists stress. Oxytocin enters the bloodstream and stimulates the body to produce a feeling of warmth and relaxation, thereby eliminating stress.

The study found that the amygdaloid body, a part of the brain that controls fear and anxiety, is inactive during orgasm. Some sex researchers have found that orgasms have many benefits for both your partner and yourself.

Protect And Monitor Vision

Dr. Arun Ghosh, a sexual health expert at Spire Liverpool Hospital in the United Kingdom, found that sex can fully relax the eye muscles and help prevent myopia.

Prevent Heart Disease

Having sex three times a week can halve the risk of heart attack and stroke, according to a study by the Queen’s University of Ireland. Cardiologist Dr. Graham Jackson of London Bridge Hospital, also warned that the death rate from heart disease caused by sex was less than one percent. But as with any kind of exercise, overweight, unhealthy people over 50 do face some risk during sex.

Improves Sperm Quality In Men

According to Dr. Ghosh, sperm can be “fresher” if you increase the frequency of sex appropriately. The reason is very simple, if sperm in the prostate for three or four days do not ejaculate, the quality must be compromised.

Reduces The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Studies have shown abstinence is associated with a higher risk of prostate cancer, Dr. Ghosh said, while research from the University of Nottingham in England found that men who still enjoy regular life around age 50 have a lower risk of prostate cancer.

Help To Stop Smoking

Dr.Raj Persad, a doctor at Bristol Royal Infirmary in the UK, said that trying to get a man to quit smoking could lead to a loss of “elasticity” in sponge tissue and a shortening of the penis. A study of 7,000 Chinese men, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that the higher the number of cigarettes smoked daily, the higher the risk of ED(erectile dysfunction).

Natural Tranquilizer

Dr. Ghosh says that for men, a strong 5-10 seconds of orgasm is equivalent to taking 2-3 milligrams of tranquilizers, helping them fall asleep quickly. And the female as long as 4-5 minutes of an orgasmic pleasure its body and mind, advantageous mental health.

For some people it is not easy to achieve orgasms regularly during sex, so we recommend that you use sex toys that meet your needs as an additional aid. A good choice for use in solo or double play flirting, stimulating sensitive spots in the body and creating an erotic atmosphere. Sex toys are meant to touch the most intimate parts of the body. Don’t buy cheap products. It is recommended to buy branded products, more ergonomic design, closer to the genitals. I would suggest buying YOUOU vibrators, realistic design, safe medical silicone materials.

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