What Flirting Makes You Want To Try? You May Want To Know Some Methods

For many men, the sex is simple enough. But women definitely need more flirting time than men, both mentally and physically. If you want to give the woman you love more than just sex, you need to learn more about flirting. We should know the most common sensitive areas in both men and women. Let’s hear what you can do.

A Sensitive Area For Man

There was almost one place, the penis, especially the coronal sulcus behind the glans, and he couldn’t wait to get in. If the girl in sex too much touches his shoulder, chest, legs, back, he may feel redundant. This explains, in part, why men ejaculate particularly fast for the first time.

A Sensitive Area For Women

In contrast to men, women have erogenous zones almost all over the body. In addition to the usual clitoris, vaginal opening, nipples, inner thighs, neck, etc. As long as the sensitive areas around the appropriate and enough stimulation also can appear strong sexual response.

Sex toys may be the right time to introduce some new and alternative ideas to your sexual activity. Don’t be afraid to incorporate sex toys into it. Using a vibrator can help your partner and possibly achieve orgasm. With the right atmosphere and attitude, it can be a fun and intimate flirting ritual.

Sensitive points are not fixed and should therefore be used to explore new sensitive points. The scientist of The University of California of the United States discovers through research, the more ticklish place is more sensitive when making love also be mobilized more easily rise. As more and more women have found in recent years, it’s not between your legs that you feel the most, but around your earlobes and ears. Obviously, this statement is not common in the past in sexual psychology and physiology. Also fully shows the sexy area of the person is to be developed.

How Do You Do Flirting?

Don’t attack directly. It can be very exciting but don’t think you’re in a movie every time. Kiss all the way from the elevator to the bed. Before preparing to attack, gently stroking our arms, belly, legs, back, and hair makes women feel more protected. It’s not a good idea to always touch a woman’s private areas without warning because sometimes a woman’s body is not hot, her mood is not ready, and direct contact can actually make us a little anxious.

The most important thing about flirting is that you don’t rush to take your clothes off. Make her expect, make her hesitate, even make her a little nervous and curious. Your next step is to do something that triggers her inner desire. Occasionally wandering on her back or in the dark where you look forward to it for so long, this anticipation will make all her senses fully activated. You can also make her wear a blindfold to sensitize her body and let you do whatever you want.

Let every action become a rare experience. You can imagine yourself shooting a high-level Hollywood love-action movie. A high-quality sex process will definitely be memorable. Grasp the opportunity at every moment. Let every action seem to have been designed, not just take off her clothes simply and impatiently. Be careful, kiss her and touch her like the most precious treasure. Everything has to be gentle and slow, when you are about to kiss, you have to go slowly as if you can kiss her only for a whole night. Then every kiss, for her, will be the most intense tease, the most passionate desire.

Say something intimate. Sexuality should have five senses. You like a woman’s addictive sound, and women like to hear your sexy gasps and compliments to her. You can compliment her body, her expression, her voice, everything. Say those words boldly, these words will greatly enhance her feelings of love and happiness.

Don’t stay in one place for too long, this is a small problem that many people will commit. When you touch a place and find that her reaction is very intense, you usually think that you need to focus on attacking that sensitive point. But in fact, what you should do is that you have to wander around, occasionally tease other places, and then come back to continue teasing, otherwise, her body will start to feel tired soon, and it will be a little boring no matter how comfortable it is.

Flirting can start at any time. Don’t be a man who just pulls out and plugs in. When you enter her, don’t forget how it feels to continue taking care of her. If you simply maintain a certain position and keep pulling and prodding, and then feel very happy that I entered her, the girl is actually easily bored and distracted. You should always pay attention to her eyes, voice, and subtle body reactions. When it is a little flat, quickly return to the state of teasing her at any time, which will make her, even more, want to teach you the beautiful moments.

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