Victoria and Lora, Sexy Twins

Here are two new series of photos of the famous Irontech Doll 4ft7 140cm N cup.

This sexdoll is a little special, but I think it’s great. Well ok it is a little small, but it has all the advantages for those who like big tits and especially the round sexdolls.

Wide from everywhere

And yes because this 4ft7 or 140cm is really as big as it is wide: 101cm or 39.76 inches for the chest size and 105cm – 41.34 inches for the hip size. What do you tell me about that?….

With these measurements, this sexdoll, thanks to its small size, does not weigh too much, with its 38kgs or 83.78lbs.

Two very different twins

I want you to present two pretty girls, two variations of this sexdoll or two interpretations… it’s up to you.

Victoria is the rocker of both. She has white and black hair, she’s wearing a lot of makeup. She wears a small ultra low-cut blouse with silver shorts and black stockings. She could have worn leather waders, but this time she doesn’t have them.

Lora is very different with her long blond hair and delicate blue eyes. Lora is sweet and tender. She wears a white and silky lingerie with small heel shoes. Lora is a dreamer.

But they’re both super sexy and they both love sex. They will do anything to please themselves. And if they are asked to do a striptease, they are very excited. Lora’s sweetness fades away and she becomes torrid. Victoria, on the other hand, turns into a sex bomb.


Irontech Doll 4ft7 140cm N cup Measurements

  • Height: 140cm – 4ft5
  • Weight: 38kgs – 83.78lbs
  • Upper Bust: 101cm – 39.76 in
  • Under Bust: 64cm – 25.2 in
  • N Cup
  • Waist:56cm – 22.05 in
  • Hips: 105cm – 41.34 in


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