Vanja, Huge Boobs From the East

Vanja is Russian. She’s terribly beautiful. She has this cold and inspiring beauty with this particular look of the beautiful women of the East.
You can feel in her this strength, this determination, this resistance…

I like the look in her eyes.

Vanja, a beautiful blonde with blue eyes

Vanja is especially beautiful, desirable, and irresistible. It carries a man into the eternity of desire and pleasure.

Buy your VANJA – 170CM | 5′ 5″ – M CUP $2,180.00  $2,653.99

She is all we can ever hope for.

Her beauty is such that you will no longer be able to look at another woman without telling yourself that she is less beautiful. Your eyes will fade. You will be completely bewitched. You will have lost all your bearings.

A crazy body

Vanja has incredible measurements. And these are probably the ideal measurements for me… but I don’t know them!
And yes, according to my information, Vanja would be an AF dolls 5ft5 170cm M cup or N cup. I have already published articles with pictures of this AF Dolls but you can see that the chest is different…

Vanja remains very natural and at the same time extraordinary. She has a sublime body with large, very well defined, slightly round and domed breasts. Her waist is very thin, which further enhances her bust. And her hips are a little muscular, with a very nice butt. Her back is well curved. It lifts her ass a little more and makes her even sexier.

While the previous models have tits that looks more like fake, well inflated boobs!

So help me find out which model it is!

AF Dolls 5ft5 170cm ?

  • Material:TPE
  • Height: 170cm – 5ft 5
  • ?

4 thoughts on “Vanja, Huge Boobs From the East”

  1. Jos sent me the good measurement. This sexdoll is the AF Dolls 170cm BBW Huge Tits Love Doll.
    the measurements are 108cm*68cm*58cm.

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