The New Sexbot From SEDoll

Are we entering a new era? I’ve been following the arrival of sex robots for several years now. It’s obvious that this is going to be a revolution for many human beings. But it takes time… a lot of time!

So we’ve seen that conversational sex robots are starting to spread and become cheaper. This now makes it possible to have a sexual partner at home who reacts to what we do to him or her and who can also talk, enjoy, and stimulate us a little more… I invite you to go see or review AI Tech’s sexdolls posts.

After having charmed our eyes, they are now able to excite us with their voices.

But SEDoll goes further.

As you have seen in this video, this new Sex Bot or sex robot is capable of more things, including movement. And you can see the interest in us right away. For the moment, it’s still pretty basic. It’s not about walking or big movements, but very… adapted movements!

This sexdoll has an articulated skeleton like most sexdolls nowadays, but it also has an associated mechanism. It can therefore accompany you in your sexual assaults. It can also take care of your sex by moving its back. Penetration is therefore practically self-perpetuating.

SEDoll 5ft2 158cm E cup Sex Bot

But before that, you will enjoy a fellatio, won’t you?… You always have to warm yourself up a little… and if you like it, you can come back afterwards and come in her mouth. Yes, and that’s what I think is great… she performs fellatio by moving her head. You don’t have to contort yourself and strain yourself which can sometimes spoil the pleasure. All you have to do is position her (as you do now), you sit in front of her… And she takes care of everything. That alone justifies its purchase!

A very sexy sex bot

SEDoll 5ft2 158cm E cup Sex Bot

And SEDoll didn’t create a monster full of technology. No, this sexdoll is very classic and relatively light for its size, since it weighs “only” 36kg. Her measurements are natural and she doesn’t have big breasts or a huge ass… and maybe that’s what will make me wait a bit!

SEDOLL Sex Robot 5ft2 158cm E cup Specs

  • Height: 158cm – 5ft2
  • Bust: 87cm – 34.25in
  • E cup
  • Waist: 58cm – 22.8in
  • Hip: 88cm – 34.5 in
  • Weight: 36kg – 79.4lbs

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