The Huge Boobs Summer Body

It’s summer and it’s very hot. It is essential to hydrate and wet yourself regularly. And this new WM Dolls 4ft9 150cm M Cup with the #195 face has understood this well.

Fat Asses

And she takes the opportunity to raise the temperature a little higher!
This Sex doll is a marvel, and I can talk about it since I have almost the equivalent at YL Doll (with a little more chest)….

Almost, since my Olga doesn’t have the same ass as that sex doll at all. And I regret it a little. I love fat asses! And this one really has one of the biggest production.

Then you’ll tell me, it’s a little heavy. Well, I find that given the size of the tits and her ass, the weight seems really reasonable to me.

And anyway, when you put it on all fours, you won’t have to worry about that huge behind.

Sexy Bikini

Today, she presents herself in one of the easiest outfits to find for a sex doll of this size… a beautiful bikini.

She won’t keep it for long and she’ll show you all the details of her anatomy: her sex and the position of her anus. I think you’re going to be very excited by this series of photos and the way she highlights her monstrous ass.

WM Dolls 150m 4ft9 M cup with Huge Butt Measurements

  • Height:150cm – 4ft9
  • Cup Size: M cup
  • Head:#198 head
  • Bust: 95cm – 37.4in
  • Waist: 52cm – 20.5in
  • Hips: 114cm – 44.8in
  • Weight: 42.5kg – 93.7lbs

Buy your 150cm (4ft11′) M-cup Huge Melons Sex Doll with Thick Tight Ass – Naizah on SRSD just for 2,099 USD

5 thoughts on “The Huge Boobs Summer Body”

  1. Good body, 10+ inches to the butt/hips and I´m a happy/wallet-ready man, on the other hand, really creepy face, total boner-killer

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