Brand New WM Dolls 173cm H cup Sex Doll coming!

Is it the perfect Sex Doll? I’m asking you the question!

The greatest sex doll

In any case, it is the tallest one of the tallest (with the SYDoll 176cm / 5ft8 – thank you Zeroch!) sex dolls (presented on the blog).

I just had to add a size to the long list (too long?) of sex doll sizes… So we are now at 173cm!
I’m not very tall, but it’s almost my height. With high heels, she’ll be taller than me…

Sublime shapes

And she does not only have her height as an advantage.

This beautiful Sex Doll has beautiful shapes: 100cm – 39.4 inches of bust size and 110cm – 43.3 inches of hip size.

So she has some good big tits that I love, because they’re pear-shaped. This shape is ideal for cleavage, licking her nipples and some sexual pleasures between her tits.

And you don’t want to put your super ass on your side. I look forward to the first video. Her butt are very rounded on the back and very wide. I can imagine the feeling it must have when you ride it.

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A Super Heavy Sex Doll, maybe not.

Well all this makes this sex doll gain a little weight… well I don’t think so much, since it reaches 99lbs (45kg) without exceeding them too much

And it seems to be a real success for a sexdoll of more than 5ft6 – 1m70 with a H Cup, especially with its shapes.

The Super Star Sex Doll?

I think it’s probably one of the big successes to come for sex doll lovers with big breasts and human size… and for the tall ones!

You will be able to see her in detail with this series of photos where she poses as a little rabbit with the well-known face #162

On some photos, you can see “Normal type teeth&tongue” Set.

WM Dolls 173cm H Cup Measurements

  • Height173cm – 5ft6
  • Bust:100cm – 39.4 in
  • Waist:59cm – 23.23 in
  • Hips:110cm – 43.3 in
  • Weight:45kgs – 99.21lbs

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  1. Be aware of impracticable vaginal placements in doggy position for 150 m cup, 152 h cup, 163 h cup, 170 h and m cup and this 173 h cup.
    It looks great, but Sk yourselves why WM isn’t releasing some shots of the vag in doggy position like they have done for the 171 h cup.

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