Some new pics about the new 155cm WM Dolls body

155body1WM Dolls give us some new pics about the so sexy 155cm body. We all think that it’s the best body and the new real-sized big busty star of our new little world! Some fans sayd that it’s the new Riley 2.0

Is this a trend after the fantastic CC Body from 4woods

i love this tan and the boobs are so great!

Here are two more photos. Showing how the body looks without clothes and one of the placement of the openings. More and better official photos of these details will come later from the resellers of this doll. These photos are of a doll with the brown/tan skin tone.


The anal entry of this new doll has been improved, it has a tighter canal to more resemble the real thing and has a molded and smooth entry that can take more stress/use. Caution! The use of all anal entries on TPE dolls made by WM requires plenty of water based lubricant to avoid tears in the material over time, much like the real thing

There is a older post with some photos of this lovely body but i would show you a so exciting slideshow…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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