*NEW* 155cm TPE Doll Shannon (TC1137) Now Available!

DSC_6737Shannon is shown with the new WM-46 Face with Tan Skin.

This new body is also known as WM 155cm “RR Body”. The shape is so HOT with her waist size (15.7″)….

The price: $2950… and
Height: 61″ (155cm)
Measurements: Bust: 32.7″ (83cm), Waist: 15.7″ (40cm), Hips: 28″ (75cm)

Model Name: Shannon
Model Number: TC1137
Body: Full TPE with Metal Skeleton
Weight: 66 lbs. (28kg)
Sex Organs: Vagina, Oral, and Anal

Doll Includes: Wig and Random Outfit

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0 thoughts on “*NEW* 155cm TPE Doll Shannon (TC1137) Now Available!”

  1. my biggest dream growing up was to have one of these and now my wife and I was thinking of getting one but we can’t afford one of these dolls but I would like to say if u will allow it. if u have any new dolls or product s u need tested we would. love to test them free and we can fill out a full report on how the preform and where they might need work if needed thank u my name is Chris Wilson of Ashland ky. 1152 n forty rd. lot #6Ashland ky 41102

    1. Hi Chris, I’m not a reseller or dealer, just a fan and “customer”… but some of resellers use to visit this blog regularly and you could get a chance to! Hav a nive day and try to post on TDF

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