Sex Friend with a LoveDoll

She’s a friend of mine. You’re jealous. It’s normal!… It would do the same to me. Johanna is a WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H Cup with a silicone face, the #2.

She’s brunette with long hair. She has a beautiful face with beautiful almond blue eyes, a rather thin nose and a shy mouth. She has a beautiful body, but I’ll tell you more about her later ????

WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H cup

Sex Friend

Johanna is sublime. I think it’s hard to argue with that. And she knows it. We met while she was accompanying one of her friends to one of my photography sessions. She had stayed and followed my work. I remember her watching with interest, excitement and envy.

At that time, I did not ask her to participate. It was too early, it had to be in her head. Nevertheless, I suspect that the two friends ended the evening together in a good female moment.

New encounter

Quite by chance, I saw her again in a cafe not far from my house. I was taking a break in the sun, with my beer and my iPad. She came straight to greet me, and since she was alone, I offered her to stay at my table.

WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H cup – Silicone Head #2

We had a drink or two and exchanged a lot. She told me how she had experienced her girlfriend’s first nude session and how she would like to do the same.

And why not right away?.

Back to the photo workshop

That day, she wore a beautiful dress with a very low neckline, some jewellery and slightly tinted tights. At her feet, she had especially beautiful black varnished high heel platforms. I love it. It turns me on very much.

WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H cup – High Heels

Johanna is very comfortable and the previous session with her girlfriend was enough for her to understand how I functioned and what I was expecting. We laughed a lot during the first breaks, because we had to relax the atmosphere a little bit to get into the intimacy.

It didn’t last very long.

I felt her eyes change, and suddenly she slipped her hands on her thighs to lower her pantyhose. I had already seen her breasts, I was delighted to see her ass.

WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H cup – Ass

She finally took off her dress, but I insisted a little bit that she keep her platform shoes with her stiletto heels… She was naked… She was irresistible…

I thought she was homosexual, but in fact she was not denying herself anything.

WM Dolls 5ft1 156cm H cup

  • Height: 156cm – 5ft1
  • Full Bust: 93cm – 36.6 in
  • Under Bust: 65cm – 25.5 in
  • H Cup
  • Waist: 54cm – 21.3 in
  • Hips: 96cm – 37.8 in
  • Weight: 39.5kg – 87 lbs.

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