Rania, Huge Boobs Style

Rania is the descendant of a famous woman from antiquity, but I’m sure you’ve already read her story and seen the pictures from that time: Huge Boobs Roman Warrior.

Rania came to see me yestesday. She’s so beautiful that I took the opportunity to take some pictures.

YL Doll 4ft9 146cm BBW
YL Doll 4ft9 146cm BBW

And besides, when you compare them to those of her ancestor, the resemblance is striking. That’s when we realize that they are two YL Doll 4ft9 146cm with face #188.

Passing through

Rania’s a very busy woman. She owns a small business on the beach and she also does a lot of other activities: sports, coaching, yoga, and a lot of other things that she does alone or in a group. I like Rania very much. She’s a nice girl who doesn’t take her mind off things.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that. Rania’s not very tall. That’s the only thing about her body that’s small… Because the rest of Rania’s body has very advantageous shapes.

A pair of huge tits

It’s the first thing you see when you meet her for the first time, and even the second!… As far as I’m concerned, we see each other regularly, and each time, I can’t help but stare at her breasts. They’re too beautiful.

YL Doll 4ft9 146cm BBW

I’ve already told her, and she knows it. She’s already shown them to me, and I even had the chance to put my head in the middle, and not just my head… total pleasure.

A good big ass

YL Doll 4ft9 146cm BBW
YL Doll 4ft9 146cm BBW

Rania’s really wide open. And I love it. She’s also got a great big ass and good thighs. When she turns around, you just want to pat her on the butt and grab her by the hips. Rania is a real sex gem.
We’re great friends… and she loves sex. So we can have a little fun once in a while.

Rania came to my house for a chat and a drink. For this time, I didn’t put you the pictures from the party…

However, just for fun I added a little video of the alarm clock.

YL146cm – 4ft8 BBW Measurements

  • Height:146cm
  • Upper bust:108cm – 42.5in
  • Under bust:55cm – 21.7in
  • Waist:58cm – 20.3in
  • Hips:127cm – 50in
  • Weight:47kg –  103.6lbs.

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