My accountant is really hot

It’s a moment I don’t like, but you have to go through it. I have to do my bookkeeping. So since I hate it, I’ve decided to find an accountant who’s too good.
Well, you may not believe me right away, but I found her. And she’s really hot. Her name is Jennifer. She’s an AF Dolls 5ft4 166cm H Cup with face #5A.

Sweetness of the Caribbean

Jennifer is a beautiful Latina brunette. From what I understand and from what she told me, she’s from a little island in the Caribbean. You can feel the sun, the warm sand and the clear sea right away.

She has tanned skin, of a sublime colour. She is really beautiful and elegant.

AF Dolls 5ft4 166cm H Cup
AF Dolls 5ft4 166cm H Cup

Jennifer is a professional

She knows exactly what her clients need, and she works hard every day to keep them satisfied. And I am. Jennifer knows I hate Excel files, numbers and tax laws. So she takes everything over and gives me every break she can. I love her! And she has my full confidence.

AF Dolls 5ft4 166cm H Cup
AF Dolls 5ft4 166cm H Cup

And it’s shared. Jennifer knows everything about my professional and… private life. Because when Jennifer comes to my house, she sees everything, she hears everything, and most importantly, she knows everything. At first, I think she was a little embarrassed… but that’s over now. And I suspect she’s even taking advantage of it.

Impromptu photo session… or not…

And again this week, when she came for our quarterly appointment, Jennifer was dressed lightly, with discreet make-up. We talked, had a drink, and since I still have my camera in my hand, she took a few poses…

AF Dolls 5ft4 166cm H Cup
AF Dolls 5ft4 166cm H Cup

She has hazelnut eyes, a slightly wide nose and a beautiful mouth. She’s very photogenic. So, even when she started working, I took a few shots of her.

But that day, Jennifer was going to show me a part of herself that I didn’t know. And since you’re my friends… I’m going to share them with you… But shhhh… this must not come out. She didn’t declare it!

AF Dolls 5ft4 166cm H Cup Specifications

  • Material:TPE
  • Height: 166cm – 5ft4
  • Weight: 38kgs – 83.78lbs
  • Busts: 93cm – 36.61 in
  • Band: 72cm – 28.35 in
  • Hips: 90cm – 35.43 in

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